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Top 5 Benefits of using Mobile Apps for Medical Lab Management

Laboratory Information System has transformed the way of handling workflow and simplified all tedious processes that were hard to manage earlier. With a systematic allocation of resources, proper staff alignment, and pipelining data, such software utilize automation and digital platform for complete organizational benefit. However, despite digitizing laboratory functions to make it easier for staff and customers, connecting with a lab yet remains a major concern for all; not to forget the time and money consumed for it.

Mobile apps offer providers an effective means to streamline communication among staff, referrals, partners and even patients. You can stay connected with your lab and personalize healthcare services to patients with role-based access.

And, there are many value-added reasons that indicate why they are a necessity with pathology lab management software.

Track in Real-time

Having a smart representation of your lab operations with real-time tracking enables users to know test details, TAT and report status with ease. With improved mobility in access, you can avoid frequent visits to the lab to know its daily progress. Signing doctors as well can leverage such a tool to their most.

Monitor Multiple Centres on your Fingertips

With Apps, you have a centralized means to monitor multiple centres within your network on your fingertips. It enables you to view their relative status and performance-related information even faster. By adding ease to such tremendous multi-centre monitoring tasks, this pocket-sized tool becomes most beneficial for saving logistics time and manual efforts for your laboratory.

Approve Reports Faster

Featured with separate login controls, you can use mobile applications in pathology management software to offer ease of assessment to your doctors. Whenever a report is ready, doctors can be immediately notified on their phones, using which they can view and approve test results right away.

An on-click facility with remote access benefits ensures better diagnostic services for emergency and critical patients and most importantly improves the doctors’ experience with your lab.

Register Patients from Anywhere

Rather than just home collection, the application can help phlebotomist enroll patients and generate bills at sample collection itself.

Stay Up-to-date

Getting real-time business insights on finance, turnaround time and patient count with just a click help you stay up-to-date with your laboratory business. By having this tool, you can have a regular, on-demand financial check on your lab and know the areas that require improvement.

We at LiveHealth offer two different Mobile Apps for LIMS that can be of utmost use to patients as well as lab authorities. ‘LiveHealth for Doctors’ enables referral doctors, B-B organization, phlebotomists and other lab authorities to have their respective apps with separate logins.

LiveHealth for Patients’ is designed to provide quality lab experience for patients with mobile delivery of reports, online booking/home collection and health trackers.

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