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Your centre on your smartphone — Livehealth 2.8

This month we are happy to announce our mobile ready platform. This months update is mostly focused on Mobile, Analytics and Improving the user interface.

We believe the future is in your smartphone, hence this update brings a lot of improvements and modifications to the interface to support mobile logins.

Mobile login helps you access all your centres from anywhere. Now you can check your finances, download reports and dispatch records to your customers.

Referral doctors also can access their records and patient bills from their mobile phones.

*Mobile login follows the same security protocols that are followed on the main Livehealth Website

Also, as usual we have also added a new premium feature — Access Control.

Access Control — Premium

Access control is enabled from the provider end, and is accessible under User Management

With Access control, we have completely reworked logins and privileges. We have now given control to you to decide which login user gets access to which functionality of your center.

For eg. A Lab Operator, may or may not have access to register users or complete bills.

With Activity Log and Access Control together, Livehealth gives you total control over your centre.

Livehealth on mobile

A sample of how mobile registration works

Above there is an example how you can register and bill right from your mobile phone. This is just as easy or even more easier than normal registration.

Operations Login on mobile

While designing for mobile, there are several considerations that needs to be taken, since the screen size is limited. Hence all mobile logins may appear minimalistic or have less information than their full screen alternatives. The screens have been optimised for the most relevant information for a particular page. This involves highlighting of what is more important and removing of what is redundant.

*Some of the pages are not yet updated for mobile, we plan to update that as soon as possible.

Finance Login

Finance is one of the most important aspects for a Healthcare Provider. This update gives more control on your financial information. This also helps you visualise financial information with more intuitive and easy controls.

Finance Dashboard

Finance login is for the administrator and finance account. Most of the financial details are available right on the dashboard itself. You can see your top five referrals, your revenue charted over time and also your collection of every day for the entire month.

Options like viewing Daily, Weekly or even Quarterly are also available.

With finance dashboard, we have added analytics where is suits the best. For eg. Registration Access has a analytics of total collection and test count.

On the registration, it gives you a view and detailed list of every test and amount collected, with pending / completed bill list. In case of month selection like above, you can view each day’s total collection.

Referral and Doctor Revenue reports are more detailed and easier to understand. Apart from the general waiting test list, we have detailed bill wise test list included after the consolidated list.

We recommend you to go ahead and check it our yourself.

Separate finance login make the finance managers job more clear and easier. We would like your feedback on what you think about the finance login.

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

We have fixed lots on minor bugs in registrations & billing. We also ask for confirmation in case of updating user information. Lot of customers were facing problem with user information being updated or altered without knowledge.

You can update report details like report date, sample date, age and referrals right from operations.

We hope you like the new upgrades and recommend Livehealth as the best Healthcare Management Platform.

Thank you,

Livehealth Team

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