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Wishing a happy new year to all from the CrelioHealth team. We have been constantly making improvements to make your experience on CrelioHealth 3.0 ecosystem better. As you all know, we constantly update our platform weekly with minor improvements, bug fixes and new features or major upgrades every month.

But, for this new year, we have something interesting for you.

1. CrelioHealth Reach (beta) — Marketing Automation for everyone

CrelioHealth Reach is a marketing automation tool that will help you reach your patients, referrals, organisations or collection centres. The tool is designed to run automated marketing campaigns for your target audience. You can REACH your audience via two modes namely SMS (Traditional) & Mobile Push (Progressive & Free).

CrelioHealth Reach — Marketing Automation for everyone

Mobile Push

Mobile Push is a technology, which enables all the CrelioHealth enabled mobile apps to be notified in real-time with interactive content. Content like notification for promotions, updates, discounts or just information and feedback can be shared via Push. Mobile push also helps you measure engagement, as to how many of your target received the notification, how many of them viewed it and how many actually clicked and found it engaging.

Filters & selecting your target audience

It will help you run SMS & Push campaigns not only on selections of Gender, Sex, Patient type (IP, OP, Direct) but also on tests performed, referred by, locations and collection centres.

CrelioHealth Reach — Request your free access today using Chat / Email.

2. Global Quick Search

The search bar on the top has been dormant for quite a while, it has been redesigned completely, including the user interface, functionality and speed.

livehealth-advanced-searchGlobal Search Updates and Improvements

As you can see above, the new search will let you type anything, and give you results for Patients, Samples & Payments, with indicators for all. The search is also context aware which means if you are searching for transactions in registration, the search will automatically take you to bill settlements and if you are in finance, it will take you to update that transaction and it will work in similar way for patients and samples. It is built to make it convenient for you to search and get to exactly what you need, in turn saving time.

3. User Interface & other improvements

The user interface has been updated to support screens and resolutions of all sizes, the fonts have been standardised across the platform with improvements in the overall experience. The changes might be minor to notice drastic differences but they are significant and intentional so that the transition is smooth. We have improved the date & date-time pickers overall to give the user the estimate of the time range being selected. We have separated out Analytics as a separate section but also keeping the finance analytics intact. So as to introduce the famously appreciated daily insights on the web soon.

If you haven’t tried Daily Insights, do try by downloading CrelioHealth Doc App and share your feedback.

4. Cloud Infrastructure upgrades


Since the introduction of Amazon Cloud Services in our Mumbai region, we have been making efforts to migrate our infrastructure to AWS Mumbai from AWS Singapore. We would like to share that we have completely migrated to Mumbai region and have seen drastic improvements in speed.

Thank you all for your support. We have grown from just about 100 customers in last year December to more than 400+ customers actively using the platform.

So to be a single platform hosting and managing more than 400+ customer concurrently, we had to rethink our architecture and our server stack at a daily login count of 2,500+ sessions, maintaining the best security and not compromising on quality. Overall we have constantly maintained our security rating as well.


5. Appointments

Appointments view has been redesigned from the ground up, learning from our past experiences. This is designed to give you an overview of your pending, confirmed and done appointments.


Note : For best experience, maintain unique patient registrations using mobile numbers. This is to prevent duplicate entries, maintaining unique patient ID and history and also beneficial for re-marketing purposes.

CrelioHealth for Everyone — Updates for your Patients


Since launch, more than 150+ people have used health trackers to manage more than 400+ parameters.

Last month, we released Health Trackers for everyone using the patient app to help them monitor their health parameters regularly and automated. For instance, when a patient does HbA1c for the second time, it gets tracked automatically helping visualise the values have varied over time.

Trackers are available for Body Measurements, Activity, Vitals, Lipids and Other extra trackers. With a few requested trackers like TSH, etc.

Hope you like and appreciate the new features and updates. Please share your comments below.

“Thank you for choosing us and making us the best healthcare management platform” — CrelioHealth Team

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