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CrelioHealth (Formerly LiveHealth) Lab Software

CrelioHealth offers valuable information that helps you simplify complex lab operations, finance, sample management & medical laboratory business with the help of expert advice, guides, customer stories, product (software/system) knowledge with upcoming trends in the diagnostics space and more. Our constructive blogs can be a complete guide in redefining your lab business.

Manage your lab operations with Creliohealth Doctor App
Mobiles have become the single most powerful tool that most people use. They are familiarized with today’s world simply because of how powerful mobile...
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CrelioHealth Is Now ABDM Compliant!
What Is ABDM? Ayushman Bharat Health Mission formerly known as National Digital Health Mission envisions building a digital healthcare ecosystem. Every...
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CrelioHealth LIMS Mobile App Update For Medical Laboratory
CrelioHealth For Doctors allows you to completely manage all lab operations at convenience and without any delay. This laboratory app offers business advantage...
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CrelioHealth At Arogya Manthan 2022: Leading Innovations Supporting ABDM
The blog share glimpses of the Arogya Manthan event and talks about the purpose of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission. It also shares CrelioHealth’s contributions...
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Product Updates For The Quarter III
This quarter was focused on boosting patient experience, enhancing organization-level management, and managing inventory for multi-centered labs. Some...
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Advantages Of LIMS In A Lab: Add More Value To Your Business
Laboratory Information System benefits make your lab competitive and future-ready cost-effectively.
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ISO Standards & Certifications: Everything You Need To Know!
The blog is a complete guide about ISO certifications and describes how it can be helpful for medical laboratories.
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Guide To Smooth Lab Operations Management
Every laboratory works really hard to offer a great experience to its end customer and stand tall in the market. For every great successful business, its...
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Overcoming The Supply Chain Crisis In Healthcare
The global supply chain crisis amidst the COVID outbreak has exploited major issues in supply chain management in healthcare. The article gives a brief...
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Why Is Cloud Based Lab Software Better Than Standalone System?
Using an online system is not just another trend but is a proven necessity that healthcare diagnostics must leverage today. Though online systems improve...
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