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How Aashish Pathology offers a Hassle-free Experience to all Stakeholders, using LiveHealth LIMS

Challenges faced by Aashish Pathology

Based in Kanpur, U. P. Aashish Pathology & X-Ray were facing operational setbacks that highly hampered business goals and quality of services to patients. Looking at this scenario, Dr. Ashish Kumar Yadav (Proprietor at Ashish Pathology) decided to use a lab management solution that can design a streamlined approach for managing his business operations. He, therefore, asked a third party software developer to develop the same that would meet the necessary requirements of his business.

Within months of usage, Dr. Ashish found that the software is not meeting the lab’s expectations, also overall software experience was not up to the mark. Despite spending a significant cost on software development, it was induced with many errors which affected business. The speed wasn’t satisfactory enough for the daily workload. As a result, he had to spend more on functional and feature enhancement of the software, and less on his own business.

To have a shorter process turnaround time, error-free operations and improve quality on the customer front, it was essential for Dr. Ashish to have a quality laboratory management tool.

Solutions Implemented

To resolve day-to-day challenges at work, initiate a well-designed approach of handling operations in a control turnaround time, Aashish Pathology leveraged LiveHealth LIMS. The teams from both ends worked towards transforming operations right from moving to cloud platform, streamlining processes entirely and training business administration to enable a better experience towards patient care.

Integrating system with automation initialized a professional approach of managing daily load. Systematic and well-aligned process handling enabled an error-free workflow. Recording and managing information digitally right from patient registration promoted billing precision and improved sample handling. Digital delivery of reports proved to be a time-saving benefit for staff as well as customers. In a few months, Dr. Ashish could notice a gradual decrease in the lab’s turnaround time.

“Support and assistance from LiveHealth is very professional and understanding. Time to time feedback is collected from customers to improve and simplify work experience for lab technicians.”


Aligning Business at Ease

Switching over to a cloud network helped Aashish Pathology stay aligned with all stakeholders on a single platform. Dr. Ashish can assign role-based logins to doctors, referrals, and partners and manage business with them effortlessly. With real-time updates on samples and faster delivery of reports, the system facilitated transparent communication & reliability amongst all staff and stakeholders.

“Communication with doctors & referrals is transparent through the system. The efforts required earlier for reaching out to business partners have reduced substantially.”

“Online Patient Communication is the Best Feature”

With an integrated SMS system, Aashish Pathology can notify patients about the status of their reports. This has improved patients’ experience with the lab and hence, it is the most appreciated feature of LiveHealth LIMS for Aashish Pathology.

Mobile Delivery has become the Patients’ Choice

“Patients are very happy to get reports faster on their mobile. Now, they say no to printing as they can easily get reports online through the app.”

Right after the report is ready, it is delivered to patients automatically on patient apps & the website. They no longer wait for hours or revisit the lab for report collection. More and more patients suggest staff to avoid printing physical copies as they can receive, view and save reports online without any hassle.

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