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Lab Technicians can now Track Multi-staged Sample Processes at Ease

Laboratory workflows are complex, and some require a sample journey through multiple stages of processing before the final result can be generated. The management and tracking of such samples through these different stages is critical but very tedious for laboratory staff. It often requires days, weeks or even months to process results, and it is crucial to track it through each step to ensure workflow and report quality. If done manually, this process can be lengthy, costly and prone to errors.

8 out of 10 technicians find it really difficult to comply with these processes due to its fragmented approach and lengthy nature involved.

This is why having a tool that makes management of such processes super easy to adhere to. By digitizing multi-staged sample management process, staff can have a centralized approach for handling the end-to-end flow.

Note* Although, before making a decision to switch to a newer approach it is essential to know how using the technique really solves all your problems.

How does it Help Sample Management Process?

By creating stages in their logical chronological order, laboratory staff has a clear understanding of steps to be carried out on a sample. Updating the waiting list after the completion of each step allows users to ascertain which stage the sample is currently going through.

We at LiveHeath further make this easy by making sample transfers from one stage (workstation) to another with a simple barcode scan at the workstation you want to receive at.

How is it Useful for Lab Operations?

Digitizing manual workload allows technicians to capture all sample details at the time of processing without any hassle. This also helps in ensuring the current status of the sample at a glance. Comprehensive logs, in a chronological timeline view of sample activities at each stage with comments from laboratory staff, maintain audit trails for each sample.

What is its Impact on Business?

Streamlining workflow using digitization removes manual logs and improves traceability; thus reducing a significant amount of manual effort. This eliminates tracking errors and further enables staff to get rid of redundant tasks, elevate performance and be more productive. With this practice, labs ensure compliance for critical sample processes & tasks.

Help your staff be more productive with LiveHealth — LIMS that offers a seamless Sample Preparation and Tracking Module designed especially for multi-stage sample testing.

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