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barcode scanning feature update by CrelioHealth

Feature Update | CrelioHealth’s Laboratory barcode scanner for samples

Now you can receive samples even faster using barcode scanning, by enabling the new scan mode under CrelioHealth(formerly LiveHealth) pending accession.

Does your Lab have a lot of samples to receive?

Barcode scanning can help you receive samples quickly

Sample accession has always been a time-consuming process. To reassure you that you have received the right set of samples from the collection center and matching them against their details adds more manual tasks to the whole process. Not to forget, entering values in the laboratory barcode system manually increases the chances of making errors. As a result, the barcode label process requires time and attention.

Automate your lab operations using lab sample tracking software. CrelioHealth(formerly LiveHealth) has introduced a barcode scanning feature that enables you to precisely receive samples faster. And, there are many more added benefits for you with this new feature

  • Automate your lab process and scan multiple samples at once
  • Reduce manual errors and improve reporting accuracy
  • Shorten TAT and process faster

Receive Samples Hands-free with Barcode Scanning

How to Switch to the New Scan Mode?

Basic Requirement: Lab Sample Accession Module

Step 1:

To switch from manual receive mode to barcode scanning mode, enable the new Scan Mode from the Pending Accession screen.

Switch to laboratory barcode scanner

How to switch to the new Scan Mode

Step 2:

Connect Bluetooth or a wired laboratory barcode system scanner to your computer.

Step 3:

Scan samples one by one and receive them faster than before.

How do You know the status of the sample collection?

The lab sample tracking software auto-updates details on your screen

Right after scanning, you see the status of your samples with laboratory sample tracking and corresponding counts — received, re-scanned, or failed. This status helps you take the next action on your samples.

Received: Sample barcode scanned successfully and received.

Re-scanned: The sample has been already received.

Failed: Appears if there is a problem with the barcode in the laboratory barcode system or if the wrong sample has been collected.

To regenerate barcodes at your center, you can also click on ‘Print and Receive Samples’ and connect with the printer.

Note: ‘Receive and Print Sample’ only works if PRN is enabled

lab sample tracking software working

Receive and Print Samples

You can export all logs as well as filter them based on their status & lab sample accession number.

Filter and Export Logs

What’s Next?

Introducing Barcode Scan Mode for Batch Creation

The scan mode feature is available for free trial till Dec. 31st, 2019.

Here are a few links to buy a laboratory barcode scanner for automation :

For Wired laboratory barcode scanners — Amazon BUY

Wireless laboratory barcode scanner(connects with Bluetooth) — Amazon BUY

Hands-free laboratory barcode scanner(comes with a stand) — Amazon BUY

Know more about product updates on –

Receive Samples with Barcode Scanning — CrelioHealth Product Portal

Want to know how the product works?

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