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3 Major Challenges at Sample Accession That Can Be Solved With Standard List of Sample Container & BD Vacutainer Tube Guide

Lab Accessioning And Lab Sample Management Have Been A Big Challenge?

Let’s explore solutions that will streamline sample management for you

Lab accessioning and lab sample management are tedious tasks. Right from the sample collection container at home & accessioning in the lab to sample tracking with bd vacutainer guide, multiple challenges occur frequently in clinical sample management. Error-prone sample handling due to lack of training, and using complex and unorganized methods for data storage increases the rate of mistakes and confusion. This reflects more time and effort.

The sample management system in our LIMS enables you to allocate lists of color codes for particular tests. A predefined list of color code for sample storage of a particular test sets a uniform process for you. BD vacutainer tubes color guide helps you identify the correct vacutainer types for a given test. It eliminates potential mistakes that occur with the traditional approaches of sample management. With such a self-explanatory guide, lab technicians can handle samples without any assistance or training.

How Different Types of Vacutainers And Their Uses Helpful In Laboratory Sample Management Software?

Using a standard set of container types helps labs in three main areas of sample life cycle management –

Adds Ease For High-Level Segregation At Lab Accession:

Having an auto-defined bd vacutainer tubes color guide avoids confusion and mixing and mishandling of samples. You can also customize color codes as per your usage and have a seamless experience with sample handling throughout your network. Setting a specific color for a particular type of testing sample facilitates quick identification. Thus, tagging with the correct vacutainer colors guide helps identify high-level segregation of accession samples much faster and safer.

Simplifies Distribution As Per Departments And Instruments:

A specific colored knob indicates the next steps on the lab sample. A test tube with a purple cap (EDTA), for example, indicates that the sample must be directly inserted in an instrument without centrifugation or aliquot. Hence, the default color code simplifies sending samples to the right department and the right instrument quickly. It saves significant time and effort during B2B distribution with LIMS sample management.

Reduces Errors In Sample Collection Container & Transfer:

The pre-available set of standard color code for sample storage streamlines the process of sample life cycle management. This sets SOPs that match NABL protocols. Having a clear vision of each step, action, and technique throughout the laboratory sample management software process eliminates potential chances of mistakes. It significantly reduces errors with sample collection containers, and transfer of samples to report entry. Defined formats in the LIMS system discard leakages that usually occur due to fragmented management. This helps in improving patient safety and enables labs of any size to attain compliance in the future.

We have come up with comprehensive lab sample management software with updates that work better in any complex condition. Here is how adding a standard list of Samples and different types of vacutainer containers in your LIMS facilitates the sample handling procedure for your lab facility.

Standard List For Samples And BD Vacutainer Guide For Sample Collection

BD vacutainer tube guide

You can pick sample type and container type using the drop-down option in the lab accession section under ‘accession settings.’ To keep the list consistent, the drop-down list in each of these has been predefined with the BD vacutainer tube guide in mind. In sample accessioning, container types are characterized by unique color codes.

You can also select a new vacutainer type and we auto-select its international color code from the bar right next to it. We can set your colors if needed too.


Product Update: Standard List of Sample Types & Vacutainer Types

You can now easily choose or define a sample or container, and customize the list as per your usage.

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