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Basavashree Diagnostics Eliminates Reporting Error up to 96% using LiveHealth

Dr. Ashwin Kumar at Basavashree Diagnostic Centre explains how Interfaced Instruments with LiveHealth LIMS helped reduce reporting error by almost up to 100%.

Challenges Faced

Located in Bangalore, Karnataka, Basavashree Diagnostics was having frequent complications within its operational administration that were hard to track and measure. To automate laboratory process to resolve issues that occurred daily on the administrative front, Dr. Ashwin, CEO, Quality Manager and Biochemist, Dr. Bharathi, Lab Director and Pathologist and their team at Basavashree Diagnostic Centre had adopted a software application. However, reporting inaccuracy due to manual errors and billing inefficiency within the organization yet remained a major concern for the lab. On the other hand, drawing operational and business information on MIS reports as well as delivering them to referrals consumed more time. With so many unresolved issues, the centre also observed an increasing rate of turnaround time; highly impacting business.

With high dedication towards catering the best services to patients and collaborators, it was essential for them to control such administrative setbacks. Thus, Dr. Ashwin and his team decided to switch to a better laboratory management solution.

livehealth-case-studyBasavashree Diagnostic Centre Reduces Reporting Error Almost Up to Zero

Solutions Implemented

To address the recurring complications, Dr. Ashwin, analyzed different ends of his lab and determined prerequisites to tackle them. Basavashree Diagnostics along with LiveHealth worked towards implementing solutions that would offer better control on business administration.

With the decision to streamline, the diagnostic facility invested in LiveHealth LIMS and transformed a few functionalities at work. Digital recording of information at registration improved operational precision, ensuring billing efficiency. Interfacing lab instruments initialized effective sample management and reporting, eliminating manual errors to a considerable rate. Automatic reporting enabled quick delivery to patients, referrals and B2B. Subjecting to such transformations, Dr. Ashwin observed a gradual cut-down on the turnaround time from the first month itself.


Building Brand-Trust with Error-free Reporting & Faster Delivery

From pre-analytical to reporting, machine interfacing eliminated human interference, leading to a significant reduction in human-induced reporting error. Such higher result accuracy elevated patient trust with the lab.

“Basically whatever equipment we had which can be interfaced, and the test we were doing on those instruments; manual-error have come down to almost 95%. Even more actually. Like close to 100%.”

Automatic delivery of reports using Mobile apps enabled patients, referrals, and B2B to receive reports faster. As a result, the minimum waiting time on report arrival improved customer satisfaction.

Dr. Ashwin Kumar how LiveHealth has proven to be a cost-effective solution for Basavashree Diagnostic Centre.

Better Administration With Improved Traceability

With streamlined processes, Basavashree Diagnostic Centre could cut-down the cost that was earlier spent to cover mistakes and leakages. The cost of making mistakes, being an intangible parameter led to heavy losses earlier, has now been eliminated with automation, offering better traceability. With such automated process handling, Dr. Ashwin could manage business operations more efficiently and found LiveHealth to be a cost-effective solution for his lab.

“The cost of making mistakes is always much more and intangible. We cannot exactly measure; but in the long term, the whole business comes crashing down. So, the cost of making mistakes has definitely come and because of the reduction in leakages, software has helped us to be more cost-effective.”

Improved traceability has helped the pathology centre to analyze individual performance department-wise as well as process-wise. This has helped them to monitor staff performance and train them to perform better. With admin access, Dr. Ashwin could keep a check on finance and billing and evaluate different areas of his lab from anywhere through the mobile app as well.

Monitor and Manage B2B with Ease

By setting credit limits on individual organization, B2B management has become a much easier task. It helps the centre to learn, track and monitor due payments of every client more efficiently.

Getting MIS reports with a click led to hassle-free accounting and monitoring of end-to-end finance. These comprehensive reports became very useful in making business decisions, improving business management for years to come.

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