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Impact of COVID-19 on the Diagnostic Industry

COVID-19 has created a positive impact in several areas of the diagnostic industry. Just in a few months of 2020, the industry noticed significant growth in medical research along with digital adoption.

While testing capabilities were enhanced & improved by 10x, use of technology was redesigned in the sector. Despite lockdown limitations, traveling restrictions and limited processing resources, digital technology emerged to maintain contactless services with patients in several ways.

Here is how it evolved –

Shifting the Focus from Routine to Molecular Testing

Recent study and development in molecular diagnostics have emerged as a promising area in disease learning. Continuous technological innovations are improvising the speed, performance and results of this testing method. Considering the growth,the idea of genome sequencing performed routinely is not far. Moreover, this has made researchers believe that molecular testing enhancements will very soon become a prime diagnostic process in any healthcare setting.

Digital registration, payments & reports delivery became the new trend

To tackle the fear of getting infected by direct contact, most medical units & point of care centres began to register patients using digital data entry. Similarly, online payments and report delivery via email became the new trend. Digital platforms that provide such services have now grown more in demand for both patients as well as healthcare providers. If we continue to operate with such secure digital trends, it can savour time and offer faster benefits for all.

More & more adoption to home collection & improved sample collection approach

Diagnostics & various healthcare settings designed smart approaches like mobile booths for sample collection. The surging panic & need of stabilization helped the industry to re-focus on the importance of home collection. These approaches were basically designed & implemented considering the recommended safety measures; especially to avoid the likelihood of the spread.

Growing opportunities in the online consultation channels

Curious & unclear people began to depend on online consultation channels, to know whether they are infected. Apps like Aarogya Setu, taking an evaluation test with WHO on WhatsApp and similar kinds of Q & A based assessment platforms became popular. This has provided a growing opportunity to several channels in the related field. In the long-run such platforms can be used to store patient history, making patients’ data easily available & accessible for future consultation or analysis.

LIMS that offer all the enlisted benefits

LiveHealth LIMS is the optimal platform that enables you to adapt with the rapidly evolving impact on the diagnostic industry. It offers all the enlisted benefits that match the latest diagnostic industry trends with digital information storage, online payments & report delivery, managing home collection through mobile app, and more.

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