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Cloud Based LIMS — Benefits for Medical Laboratories

With rapid digital transformation in the healthcare industry, it’s more crucial than ever for medical laboratories to adopt modern technologies in order to deliver quality services to the end customer. The inflow of large volumes of data in a laboratory from various business sources leads to momentous growth in workflow management complexities. It is no less than a challenge to manage this data safely and ensure appropriate backup to be able to utilise it in the best possible manner anytime.

Newer technologies such as cloud-based Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) are being widely adopted across the diagnostics industry to tackle these complexities. A cloud-based LIMS leverages the power of cloud computing to offer laboratories additional benefits, the most important being lifetime data storage. While it’s recommended for utmost safety of data, it also facilitates highly secure access anytime, anywhere using an Internet-ready device.

And, that’s not it!

Yes, it comes with a wide range of other benefits too for diagnostic centres and their stakeholders. Here are a few that are worth your attention –

Ease in Data Accessibility

Cloud-based LIMS gives users hassle-free and centralised access to information. Cloud supported LIS allows users to access real-time information remotely giving improved control over the business through continuous monitoring. It facilitates smooth collaborations with other businesses with easy access to test results and other relevant information using a secure login ID.

Data from multiple centres and multiple computers in a laboratory can be accessed anytime, anywhere with a cloud-based LIMS. Today, with many service providers offering mobile apps too, laboratories and their stakeholders have more options to access information.

Highly Reliable Platform

LIMS on the cloud is highly secured and reliable. Data is completely encrypted on being stored and can be accessed only by authorised personnel with a secure login ID. It can also be leveraged for ease in business with other organisations to provide limited access to associated partners without compromising on data security. In addition to that, the cloud platform guarantees 99.98% server uptime, ensuring absolutely no compromise on data security.

Zero Infrastructure Cost

Standalone or on-premise LIMS requires a full-fledged IT infrastructure. A lot goes into maintaining IT rooms, right from ensuring correct hardware setup to maintaining adequate temperature, pest control at regular intervals, ensuring room safety, etc. Connecting laboratories requires individual site servers at every location.

A cloud-based laboratory management system gives you the benefit of zero maintenance as it is not located on-site, which means no need to worry about maintenance. LIMS on the cloud comes with the popular model known as Software as a Service (SaaS) and requires you to pay a fixed usage fee only.

Automatic Updates

With any in-house LIMS, the IT expert/department has to invest a significant amount of time in updating the software which restrains them from putting in time and effort in areas that can add value to the overall business.

On the contrary, with automatic upgrades, you can always stay updated without having to worry about incompatibility issues with any type of system.

Reduced IT Manpower

Hiring IT manpower to manage your on-site server, add logs and algorithms requires additional monetary investment. Leave about the cost you incur for a separate room to host the server, for hardware purchase, for software installation and a lot more for its maintenance.

With Cloud-based LIMS you only need to pay for a subscription-based model. Once you subscribe you pay as you grow and only for the features you choose for your laboratory management. The best part is you need not have IT manpower for any of these tasks. Since there is no large capital investment required, you can invest the funds in other areas of your laboratory that can help enhance patient satisfaction.

Lifetime Data Backup

Lab Information Management on Cloud provides a hassle-free platform to store your data and maintain it for years to come. Whether you are a small or large size business, data backup is a concern for everyone, especially when it pertains to patients’ health conditions. Data loss can happen due to uncontrollable factors like power cuts, etc. Having a cloud-based LIMS that ensures data backup and recovery forever can be your best bet in such cases.

It’s time we re-evaluate the traditional approach to manage a laboratory and prepare our laboratory to be future-ready.

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