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CrelioHealth Is Compliance with GDPR: Know Importance of GDPR Compliance & GDPR Benefits

Why & How GDPR Data Compliance Matters

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an amalgamation of all international data protection laws that enable the secure & safe usage, storage, and sharing of personal & business data in a given business network. It is amongst the largest data protection laws in the world that enforces strict penalties if not followed as per the set rules.

Importance of GDPR in Healthcare Data

In a healthcare institution, data can be divided into three basic categories – patient data, healthcare data, and business data. All this data is sensitive & crucial information for any organization. When healthcare organizations utilize a tool for information management & data processing, the tool should ensure data confidentiality amongst necessary stakeholders.

That’s not all, it must also ensure that no data leakages or chances of potential breaches occur while networking. This is where the importance of GDPR in healthcare comes into play and can offer you the best-in-class assurance of data protection compliance.

The 7 Principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will help you understand how healthcare data is safeguarded by the benefits of GDPR compliance.

7 Principles and Benefits of GDPR Compliance

  1. Lawfulness, Fairness & Transparency

    The organization must know about all their data and how it is captured/collected. Every step must be clear to them.

    In a healthcare institution, this basically indicates the measures utilized for recording or capturing data as well as storing it. Every step in data management must be clear which makes search & retrieval easy. It also ensures that the steps taken keep that data secure & complete.

  2. Purpose Limitation

    This indicates that all data recorded, stored and/or processed must have a certain purpose within its organization. It shouldn’t be leveraged for any other purpose whatsoever and without potential consent.

  3. Data Minimization

    The principle depicts that the data must be whole, and relevant and should address the necessary purpose.

  4. Accuracy

    The data must be regularly updated as per new rules & set of guidelines. Incomplete, erroneous or missing data must be rectified within 30 days to attain completion or accuracy.

  5. GDPR Storage Limitation

    As per GDPR policies and procedures, there are no such GDPR storage limitations to data as far as the data is relevant and resourceful to your organization. If all the data seems unnecessary or is volatile to the organization, they can grant permission to delete the data permanently.

  6. Integrity & Confidentiality

    This principle deals with the security of data ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to protect the data from unauthorized access, potential cyber threats, breaches and malware practices.

  7. Accountability

    This principle basically states that the organization is accountable for the data they have and is compliant with the above mentioned GDPR principles.

What Do GDPR Compliant Software Companies Indicate?

The importance of GDPR compliance software indicates that the software company abides by all the principles stated previously and will continue to maintain that level of compliance. So, all your data with the software company is protected with high-end encryption. This encryption code is constantly updated and improved to hold a strong barrier against any malware or phishing practices and threats that exist in the cyber world.

CrelioHealth is GDPR data compliance. This indicates that all your diagnostics & business data with us is stored safely on the cloud and is highly encrypted for added security.

How Data Protection Compliance Can Be Beneficial For Your Business?

With protected data and privacy, it is much easier for

  • Business networking

When your company data is secure and assured of high-end protection, it is much easier to do business with such diagnostics centers.

  • Business & customer communication

Encrypted data storage & transfers assure safe business transactions & communications amongst business stakeholders like partners, referrals & patients.

  • All-time storage & backup

Compliance with GDPR system assures all your data is securely stored and regularly backed up. So no business transactions or communication is hampered with respect to data availability.

  • Managing & processing information on a daily basis

With complete and confined data, managing and processing information daily is convenient.

  • Accessing information through consent

Controlled access to key information assures there are no potential breaches at access. No data is accessible to a specific user without consent.

  • Deleting data through a consent

On a similar note to the above point, no data is applicable for deletion without the company’s consent.

Benefits Of Data Protection For Your Customers & Stakeholders

Data protection compliance ensured to customers & stakeholders have wide benefits for your medical lab organization.

Benefits of data protection wrt GDPR Data Compliance

  • Improved Business Relationship
  • Boosts Trust Amongst Business Network & Patients
  • Enables A Sustainable Business Continuity

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