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Audit In Medical Laboratory A Challenge? How A Laboratory Audit Software Can Ease It For You

Audit in laboratory is absolutely crucial for any type of lab as your business is entirely dependent on the internal processes you follow. But as important as it may be, the procedure is extremely tedious and complex to implement, especially when running an internal audit in medical laboratory. If not performed by the books, you are compromising on the quality of your services.

Secondly, when a lab has accreditation, it is vital to run both internal & external audits so as to maintain standardization for all processes. However, if all of it is manually performed, it will take way lot of time, and effort and pile up redundant jobs, each time you run lab audits.

If you face the same struggle, it is obvious the answer to the following questions would be concerning w.r.t. to audit trails for your medical lab business:

  • Do you maintain & update thousands of documentation & paperwork every time?
  • How long does it take for the entire audit management for your medical lab? Days? Weeks?
  • How much cost do you spend on it?
  • Is your business affected by it?
  • Is it smooth to manage on a regular basis?

Although, the procedure of quality check audit in laboratory is extremely tedious and involves a vast number of complexities.

Type of Audits In Medical Laboratory – Quick Overview

From the different types of audits we perform, the key vertical audit in medical laboratory involves the evaluation of eight different operations. These include the following:

  1. The competency of staff
  2. Sample records
  3. Procedures used
  4. Quality control
  5. Maintenance records
  6. Environmental conditions
  7. Reliability of results
  8. Storage and disposal practices

Process audit involves – 

  • System audit
  • Machine audits / QC
  • Inventory audits
  • Finance audits

Audit Management Complexities

Audit management for internal audit in medical laboratory processes mean

  • Handling Staff incompetence
  • Insufficient data on financial in-flow & out-flow
  • Constant updating of all records, documents & legal paperwork & license papers – such as  sample records, SOPs, procedure documents, licenses documents, result generation flow, maintenance records,  and other documentation
  • User audits are tough and most impactful
  • Untraceable sources
  • Manual management is tedious, complex & contains redundant efforts for every procedural implementation and while running audits

User audits – is manual, might lead to wider, untraceable gaps, leading to heavy leakages and affecting the quality of service

So, having a tool to automate and streamline these processes makes it a lot more effective for a business like diagnostics.

How Does The Right Software Help You With Laboratory Internal Audit Checklist

Types of audits a software can focus on –

  • Operational Audits
  • Financial Audits
  • Inventory Audits

Having laboratory audit software with SAAS benefits means you have all your data securely stored and maintained. So, you don’t have to worry about starting everything from scratch. Automation makes the procedure highly simple and convenient. And, all you have to do is add & update the new sets of records each time and take exports.

Hence, you are free from –

  • Paperwork management
  • Accounting & tracing from hundreds of excel sheets
  • Mapping information
  • Driving conclusions with insufficient or broken data

This is because software solutions like CrelioHealth LIMS software provide –

  • Easy access to information, mostly in real-time – Enables sharing, updating and maintenance of information anytime and anywhere
  • No navigation and ready to use dashboards – So you have complete visibility on tests, processes, samples, machines, finance and inventory, all in one place which is easy to monitor
  • In-build quality checks – keeps machine calibration and internal processes up-to-date

Now let’s focus on a very different and sometimes ignored area of lab management; the medical lab inventory

How does lab software help in inventory audits?

Similar lab solutions such as LIMS software smoothen audit management for your lab, inventory software too can help in the same way. A robust medical laboratory audit software records stock movement at each stage. From distribution across departments or stores to consumption, everything, everything will be stepwise recorded and maintained in the system. Mapping stock to their specific tests will further improve consumption as it helps you adhere to SOPs.

internal audit in medical laboratory

It will also help towards long term management with regards to purchase, supplier, expiry and wastage. This is how it can not just help you with auditing your medical inventory but also keep quality and cost both balanced in your organization. So, a win-win for your business.

Advantages of laboratory audit management tools for inventory

Using inventory software that offers audit management benefits you in the following ways –

advantages of laboratory audit software

  • Diminishes the inventory gap between current system stocks and physical present stocks
  • Keeps your inventory up-to-date
  • Ready-to-use data saves time & effort in auditing
  • Automates & adjusts stock values as soon as you add current inventory quantity

At CrelioHealth, we design robust and updated solutions that make audit management convenient to significantly improve business processes. So, you have the advantage of acquiring & maintaining lab accreditations without quality compromization.

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