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What is ISO Compliance for IT & Software Companies?

When an IT or software company meets specific standards as suggested by the International Organization For Standardization (ISO) for the given area of business, they are ISO compliant. CrelioHealth ISO Certified software strives to abide by the framework that embeds the best global business practices as per international standards.

ISO compliance for IT & software companies covers essential areas most valuable to businesses today. These include quality management, service quality, IT security, cyber security, data protection, and environmental impact. 

ISO certified LIMS lab software has dual benefits for you. It continuously drives improvements in the internal operational & business processes of your organization. As a result, this boosts the reputation of your brand which is most beneficial for lab business. The more you upgrade & optimize your business processes, the more aligned you are with international standards.

iso certified lab system benefits in your lab security

CrelioHealth is ISO Certified

Using CrelioHealth software for your medical laboratory & diagnostics business ensures high-end security. Additionally, it provides end-to-end encryption for all data communication, and confidentiality of data. Know how it actually benefits you & your customers & other stakeholders significantly.

How Does the CrelioHealth ISO-certified lab system Benefit You & Your Customers?

As it is a trusted organization on a global level, ISO compliance for any IT or software company holds huge competitive ISO certified lab system benefits for its products & services in the global markets, enhancing sales & brand promotion. It standardizes the company’s business processes to build customer trust & loyalty.

Having an ISO-certified system clearly signifies trust amongst your customers, worldwide.

ISO-compliant information management systems (like ISO certified LIMS lab software) enable a company or an organization to implement better & standardized business processes for long-term & sustainable business operations. And with standardization and quality, businesses can assure consistency and continuous improvement in their service quality.

Moreover, for IT & software, ISO-compliant systems assure cyber security and all the policies that fall under international cyber laws. So it is a boon for your customer data, with value-added security & privacy benefits. Also as the standardized body continues to improve policies & processes, these ISO certified lab system benefits continue to deliver consistency & success for your business as well as theirs.

At CrelioHealth, we take data privacy & security very seriously, which is why our solutions are the most reliable & secure.

Security Benefits by CrelioHealth ISO certification

Data is the most valuable & yet sensitive asset for a healthcare institution. Hence, when a healthcare center uses technological systems or software for information management, it must check the IT companies’ security certifications before depending on it.

ISO certified LIMS systems offer high-end security of data and a bundle of benefits for such business areas.

There are the following ISO certified lab system benefits:

  • Data Integrity – Indicating your data is complete, accurate, consistent & maintained in an end-to-end flow or format.
  • Data Security – Indicating that your data is secured and stored as per the regulatory guidelines.
  • Business Continuity In Adversity – Your data is always available, accessible, and unaffected by disasters or adversities.

Data Privacy benefits

Considering healthcare data as a sensitive asset, data privacy is another key aspect to consider when we, as a medical center, belong to a huge healthcare network today. So, sharing of meaningful data should be done under high-level protection as per healthcare protocols.

The International Organization of Standardization, therefore, values data protection in every part of the business. So, data privacy is yet another advantage that you receive when you use an ISO certified LIMS lab software or other lab software tools.

An ISO-compliant information technology system has the following advantages when it comes to data privacy:

  • Confidentiality – Your data always has a controlled user access
  • Safety – Data is highly encrypted for all internal as well as external transfers, sharing, and communication

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