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New & Integrated Online Payments 2.0

All bank transfers are now automated, without human intervention within 2 days of payments

Managing payments for patients & B2B business is quite a time-consuming job where collection cycles are delayed due to bank procedures and their limitations. On the other hand, those paying online also require maintaining a log manually so as to maintain a transparent relationship with partners and corporate clients. To address every challenge, having a one-stop solution with less hassle and more benefits is all that you need for managing B2B payment cycles.

This is exactly what our new update is designed for you — An online payment option on your network; pre-designed to save you all the hassle.

Benefits of Online Payment Option

  1. Direct to your bank account instantly
  2. No Human Intervention Required
  3. Very Reliable with Zero Leakages

Paying online is exceptionally convenient especially when you have the ability to manage it from a single dashboard. It allows you to pay from anywhere, any instant without any logistical ado from you or your staff. Despite demanding no manual approval from both ends, you have transparency for all the transactions made.


Secondly, you can see an auto-settlement of bills and invoices that reconciles to your bank accounts right away. This improves tracking over organizational ledger; giving your accounting staff the ability to handle business accounts effortlessly. It also speeds up their collection cycles.

On an overall here is a list of benefits that you can avail –

  • Manage everything on the same dashboard
  • Get money directly to your account
  • It is always available for you; anytime any instance
  • Enabled with automated invoice management
  • Much easier to add a payment link to bills and invoices for your B2Bs
  • Very easy, convenient and hassle-free
  • Easy to monitor on MIS directly
  • Saves time and effort

How does it help in Business Management?

Auto-capturing transaction details that reflect directly in your bank accounts reduces financial leakages at reconciliation. In correspondence to that, the system auto-logs entries eliminating errors in the process. Consequently, billing and invoice management is no longer tedious for the accounting team. They can monitor finance and accounts for all transactions made by patients and B2Bs by leveraging MIS reports designed for the new update.

Benefits of using Online Payments

How does it work for B2B?

For Labs

Request payments to collection centres, corporates or other B2Bs by using the ‘Send Payment Link’ option. The option allows you to generate payment links & share them via email or SMS to your organizations within the network. The link is integrated to payment gateways using which organisations can pay through UPIs, netbanking, credit or debit.

You can find this button by selecting a prepaid organization in the ‘organization list’ under ‘organization management.’

Labs can also generate a payment link while creating an invoice and request organization to use the postpaid option. Invoices will be auto-settled once the payment is made.

Online Payment Benefits for billing and invoicing

For Organizations

Collection centres, corporates and other B2Bs can now make top-up payments to your centre at will, using the recharge option on their login dashboard.

We are soon launching International B2B payments using Stripe

NOTE: The above update does not require additional charges for implementation. It comes free with your current plan

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