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iGenetic Diagnostics Grows Fresh Revenue Streams for Business, using CrelioHealth

The MD at iGenetic Diagnostics, Arunima Patel shares how the fastest growing diagnostics chain generated big revenue streams and monitored business in real-time using CrelioHealth LIMS & its robust features.

Challenges Faced

Offering top-notch diagnostic services with highly accurate routine and specialized tests for more than 6 years now, iGenetic Diagnostics has aimed to expand its business across various cities in India. Arunima Patel, Founder and MD, and Dr. Prashant Shetty, Operations Head shared that initially they chose a cloud based system that can support this goal. Although there were many challenges involved with the previous cloud based software such as –

  • Challenge 1: Inefficient in sustaining upgrade requirements wrt. the growth plan
  • Challenge 2: Inability to manage the growing financial base
  • Challenge 3: Expecting an integrated system that can provide transparent data flow with corporate clients

As the challenges with the software began to increase for months, it was crucial for iGenetic to switch to a better solution that is robust enough to sustain the growing scale for business.

Solutions Implemented

In accordance to eliminate the challenges and be more proactive at business, iGenetic team designed a requirement structure that could help them in their long-term goal. The lab leveraged CrelioHealth LIMS to focus on constructing a better platform for growing trails of business operations. With smooth implementation and prompt support from the LiveHealth team, iGenetic found the transition to be faster than expected.

“Implementation process was very smooth, very easy. Most of the laboratories we have setup within a week or 10-15 days. The best part was instrument interfacing, as with CrelioHealth most of our instruments got interfaced on the same day.”

As chief pathologist & operational head, Dr. Shetty was now able to track & monitor the lab’s regular progress, workload, TAT and revenue across various lab chains which was impossible with the earlier software. Newly launched centers that earlier required a week or two for instrument interfacing were interfaced on the same day with CrelioHealth. Machine interfacing always played a crucial role for their lab as reducing manual entries at reporting to avoid manual errors has always been their fundamental practice.

“API Integration enabled us Win More Corporate Customers”

As the company chain constantly works with a lot of corporate clients like CROs, backend integration to the software is crucial. CrelioHealth’s API integrations ensured smooth connectivity between the lab and their corporate clients. This acted as an entry point for many of these corporate clients for faster access to healthcare diagnostics. As a result, API integrations enabled them to win more customers and create fresh streams of revenue for the lab.


Real-time Monitoring offers Better Decision Making & Control

By staying connected to all centers, real-time monitoring helped Dr. Prashant to have a better control on the lab’s performance, solve setbacks that occurred in real-time and offer immediate support at peak hours. This also ensures quick turnaround time in report release. With real-time information, it is very easy for him to guide his operational team, make decisions faster and have finer control.

“With CrelioHealth App as well as the software, we could track multiple location’s progress, the workload, the TAT, the revenue at the same time. That was the uniqueness.”

Smooth Features Enables Staff to Operate Lab Processes at Ease

The varied set of features that CrelioHealth offers like report approvals, report release (submission), and auto-approval features contribute in decreasing the turnaround time of the lab. As they are very smooth and easy for any laboratory staff to operate, they have helped the lab to reduce around 30-40% of the TAT as compared to the previous software.

On-demand Data Accessibility Drives Customer Engagement Proactively

With on-demand data accessibility with CrelioHealth, supporting a wellness oriented programme came easy for the Lab. Creating packages based on age, gender and health issue parameters is quite easy with the available data accessibility that the software provides. By getting such data in an appropriate format also enables iGenetic Lab to run SMS campaigns and reach out to specific customers proactively.

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