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Managing COVID-19 testing with a mobile app

Manage COVID Testing on Collection Booths with our Mobile App

COVID-19 testing booths were designed to collect patient samples in bulk aiming to optimize the usage of protective gear equipment in a healthcare setting. The number of tests performed per day globally as compared to the rising number of confirmed cases has been pretty low. Hence, testing booths can also be utilized for scaling up the number of tests by conducting rapid testing for coronavirus to generate results faster for patients. To benefit such collection centers, we upgraded our mobile apps to support this workflow, which makes it super easy to identify patients, collect samples and submit report entries for rapid tests via mobile right from the booth.

The Need for Mobility

The feature can be used to automate process flow and manage reporting at the collection center itself. It allows you to also scan COVID-19 testing kits and assign them to patients right after registration. Furthermore, the app also enables you to make report entries soon after testing is done. As a result, with innovative collection techniques across highly populated areas, the new update can also ensure a controlled turnaround time for your lab, enabling faster testing & reporting for patients’ safety.

How to use it?

Mobile app for efficient COVID-19 testing on collection booths

Visual Workflow of How Doctor App can be used inside Covid-19 Testing Booths

To Assign Sample at Registration


When you log in to the doctors’ app, click on the menu to view the left drawer where you can see the new option, ‘ Sample Scanning.’

Step 2:

After clicking the option, you can scan the pre-printed barcode on your screen or add an order ID and search.

Step 3:

Assign samples and complete the patient registration process. The TRF form can also be attached easily here. Samples can also be received directly from the app, with just a click.

For Report Entry

For tests that have been completed, you can fill in report details quickly and submit using the same option.

Saved reports will be auto-sent to your doctor for approval using the ‘Notify Doctor’ option.

Comment your details below to activate the feature for your lab.

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