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COVID-19 testing lab setup guide

Setting up your COVID-19 Testing Lab – A Comprehensive Guide

The pandemic outbreak of coronavirus has led diagnostic centres to take action & have secured setups to test infected patients. To help centres save time and start testing in a few seconds, CrelioHealth has designed an easy-going setup for COVID-19 Testing Labs.

How is the setup going to help you?

The setup for COVID-19 testing labs enables you to see a holistic illustration of all tests performed at your centre on the COVID-specific dashboard in your account overview.

Step-by-step lab setup for COVID-19 testing

Using analytical graphs and charts, it is much easier to track the number of positive & negative cases. Also, study their respective trends. The dashboard enables you to take timely action and make sound decisions for your lab.

How do you set up for COVID-19?

Requirement: Government Approval to test COVID-19

Steps to Follow:

Step 1:

Initially, ensure that your lab fulfils the primitive requirement necessary for conducting the coronavirus test. If “yes,” click on the ‘Setup Now’ button on your account overview screen under the ‘Get Started with COVID-19 Testing’ category.


Step 2:

Right after you click, a short window pops up wherein you can configure test details for screening and rapid testing of the novel coronavirus.


Step 3:

Confirm report formats — Verify and use the available standardised report format that we have pre-designed for you or create custom report parameters suitable to your organisation.


Step 4:

Based on the confirmed tests, configure sample and container types and assign sample details to your test.


Step 5:

Select the department as per your test category and confirm.


Step 6:

Select machine type and request for machine interfacing. Interfaced machines can avoid manual intervention throughout your testing process and get results free of human error. Know more about the benefits of machine interfacing.


Screening Patients at Registration

To make your task easier, we have also updated the registration module to capture essential details from patients (Issued in the interest of public safety and govt. guidelines).

Registration forms are updated to collect complete health details for screening patients and this information can be updated from time to time. You can also download TRF to mark the suspect’s symptoms and other details.


Patient History Details include –

  • Body Temperature
  • Patient Symptoms
  • Travel & Exposure Details
  • History of Any Medical Conditions
  • Progress of any Symptoms within 48 hours

As per the government, it is advisable to collect the above details of patient testing for 2019 n-CoV and report information about all positive cases to the local govt. authorities.

Pre-screening all possible patients

Asymptomatic patients can also be pre-screened at registration itself to study if they are possibly exposed to coronavirus. This can prevent them from spreading the disease and ensure community safety.

Key Insights

While the dashboard represents the trends of positive and negative COVID-19 cases, you can also export reports that have comprehensive specifics about patients, with just a click. The report has all parameters right from patient results to contact information, travel history, medical history and the latest clinical study. You can export this report from the upper right corner of your dashboard and send it to the Government directly using email.

Comment your details below to request a COVID-19 LIS setup for your medical diagnostics lab.

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