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Post-pandemic COVID testing labs

Future Of COVID Testing Labs After The Pandemic

For medical labs, getting steady with new testing approaches, systems, and tech during the pandemic took some time. But, those who were up-to-date with the upfront & ongoing industry upgrades for the future of COVID-19 and the community scenario, could maintain business continuity.

With the adoption of better & advanced methods along with constant system up-gradation, these businesses didn’t just survive during the adversity but also took their business to the next level – in the years 2020 & 2021. However, today in 2022, the scenario is changing. COVID-19 still very much exists, but the testing demand is lower. Also, there are many lab setups that are still exclusively specific to this testing category.

On a similar note, faster & online delivery of reports, QR code-based payments, and many such digital upgrades have been set. This continues to elevate patient expectations from a diagnostics facility. So the concerning question that arises is – How can labs that are primarily equipped for COVID testing survive in this competitive market?

The Future Of COVID-19 Testing Labs

Even though the coronavirus caseload has declined, medical lab businesses can look forward to repurposing their testing machines & manpower without hampering business outcomes & growth.

Here are some ways that can help you understand –

The COVID-19 test procedure consists of molecular testing which is basically a multi-disciplinary area. This encircles anatomic pathology, molecular biology, proteomics, clinical pathology, biochemistry, and genetics. As the molecular testing market is projected to rise up to 14 billion with a 7.1% CAGR by 2025, you can utilize your current setup to process samples in this multidimensional area.


Outsourcing is a traditional way to patient retention and business continuity. Look for quality testing labs for outsourcing the samples that you are unable to process in your own setup.


Leverage the capabilities of your medical lab to insource all the tests falling into the molecular testing category. This will add credibility to your brand and increase profits

Travel Testing

Pre-departure and Post-arrival medical procedures are mandatory for air travel. So, you can utilize your lab efficiency to conduct travel testing through in-house setups, home testing services, or specialized installations at the travel station.

Home Testing

The lockdown situation really boosted the approaches to how pathology lab services would work for patient welfare. One of the most popular and on-demand is the home testing service opted mainly for senior citizens, quarantined patients, and pregnancy care. Now that the pandemic is on its decline, you can utilize home testing for prominent lifestyle diseases.

Home Collection Requests

If not for home testing, home collection is another alternative to enhance the patient experience. The need for home collection is growing and that will definitely boost your business in the decade to come.

Launching Kits In The Market

If your R&D is well established, then you can take your brand to the next level. Launch kits like COVID-19 testing kits, and other pathology testing kits in the competitive market.

While kit management can be a new beginning to create a strong position in the diagnostics market, there are other robust and effective ways to keep the revenue funnel fueled.

How Can You Remodel Your Lab For Competitive Benefits

If you are unable to put in the capital in modifying your medical lab or invest in R&D with your current setup, here are the alternatives that can get you far more business benefits.

The following can help you remodel your diagnostics facility in a better & cost-saving way –

  • Switching To A Robust Laboratory Management Software

    A LIMS software can automate the entire lab management processes end-to-end. Also, improve the quality of testing & services in the long term. It will also improve data management and analysis leading to better & informed decision-making. Hence, remodeling your lab through software adoption is easier, saves costs, and is loaded with advantages.

  • Promoting Lab Digitally

    Reach out to your patients before they reach you with digital promotions of healthcare packages. CrelioHealth Promotions 2.0 enables you to digitally promote medical diagnostics services in just a few steps. Any staff role can create promotions in minutes and share them across popular social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and even on your website.

  • Building An Online Booking Portal On Your Lab Website

    Transform your website into a booking portal and allow your patients to book appointments or home collection requests at their convenience. You can customize this portal as per your brand color and add time slots as per availability. Also, integrate it into any LIMS that you use. In addition to this, with CrelioHealth CRM it is possible to build this lab store online in just 15 minutes.

With the above cost-saving solutions, COVID-19 labs can focus more on patient aid and revenue-generating streams than look at re-investing in other areas for the future.

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