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2022 laboratory software updates

Top Product Releases For The First Quarter Of 2022

This quarter we introduced a lot of product enhancements, features and ensured our customers stay updated with the latest software design & experience. The interesting and value-added releases we had for this quarter include redesigns and new launches for LIMS software and medical inventory solution and released new verticals for patient CRM.

Top LIMS Updates

Since the quarter is significantly crucial for finance management, our major updates focused on the finance part of the LIMS software. We also introduced some enhancements for better test master management & reporting.

All the above-mentioned LIMS updates are free. You can get in touch with your account managers for a quick overview of them.

Here’s the list of the top LIMS software updates so far & their benefits for your medical lab business –

Finance Module Has A New Look

Amongst the top updates of the quarter, the finance module was redesigned to improve navigation & usability. We also added a few easy options for export, equipped customizable options and more.

  1. Dynamic Finance Reports
  • Analyze lab finances, billing & collections in real-time
  • Customized & track information with pre-defined & search filters
  • Add dynamic columns & export as per accountability


Businesses using RCM can directly export the dynamic finance reports without any integration.

2. Insurance Reports – Get all data for claims submission in a single go with insurance reports.

It consists of all the information that is captured during a patient registration making claims just an export away for sharing with patients or a healthcare authority.

Allow Patients To Download Reports Directly Through SMS

Take the patient experience to the next level and make it super easy for them to view reports through SMS notification itself. Send direct report pdf link that allows them to download reports right when they get notification about reports being ready.

The update is also available for patients that use multiple numbers including their relatives; further report delivery experience.

Note: We are planning to launch the same report download pdf option for WhatsApp Notifications

Multi-Centre Test Master Management

  • Manage all test masters from one place
  • Check prices of tests for all centres from a single location
  • Configure tests faster & in a better way with the enhanced test information groups
  • Removing duplicate entries for tests is easier with the new tracking

Report Resend

The report resend option allows you to –

  • Track – Track whether patient reports were delivered online
  • Take action – If report delivery time is delayed, it notifies staff to take proactive steps in order to prevent further delay.
  • Enhance – Improves experience for staff & patients by listing other & better options for delivery.

Inventory Solution Feature Releases

Your medical lab business is highly dependent on its inventory. Therefore we introduced loads of features this quarter that can elevate the functionality of inventory management and simplify staff efforts, boosting their day-to-day productivity.

The list of features we updated for Crelio Inventory include –

Inventory App

  • We designed a dedicated inventory app for android & IOS to –
  • Consume single stock or in bulk with HSN scanning
  • Make stock consumption cycles faster & error-free
  • Manage multi-layer approvals from a single place for all centres & departments
  • Get notified with flags for expiry & near-expiry stock

Multi-Layer Approval Management

To set better control at purchase management, multi-layer approval is a necessity for inventory. Our solution is designed to notify authorities on the system or mobile apps when an approval request is made.

Multiple requests get queued in the system. The higher staff authority can approve all requests for all centres and departments from one place with just a few clicks.

Inventory Ledger

With our real-time inventory ledger, it is effortless to track all inventory transactions for your lab. This information is pre-configured as per your business and made ready for export.

inventory ledger

  • Improves accountability
  • Minimal chances of leakages & errors
  • Real-time monitoring makes

Quality Control

Quality control management helps to map a fixed stock in inventory with a specific machine. So, whenever a QC test is run, your consumptions are automated and maintained well with no potential wastage/leakages.

In the case of manual quality control, the chances of leakages can be high & ambiguous. QC management in your inventory can solve a major barrier during audits & quality checks.

Other major feature updates for Crelio Inventory include –

  • Real-Time Consumption Analytics
  • Inventory wise Analysis
  • Audit Management
  • Bulk Consumption
  • Centralized Procurement

Features Launched For Patient CRM

The new features launched in Crelio CRM help labs achieve higher patient engagement & customer retention in the competitive market.

For 2022 quarter I, we introduced –

CRM Store

The store feature enables you to create your lab website into a personalized online store in a few simple steps.

  • Easy to setup & get started with custom themes
  • Set time controls and configure as per business needs
  • Enhance customer booking experience
  • Integratable with any LIMS software, billing systems, reporting systems, communication systems, etc.
  • Scale to multiple locations
  • Expand your customer base
  • Boosts patient engagement & loyalty

Kit Management

  • Enables personalized service delivery for the lifestyle disease category, senior citizens, home testing/collection request, etc.
  • Launch personalized kits and market to a targeted audience
  • Build better engagement & loyalty amongst customers that prefer home testing

Self Registration

The self-registration mode enables patients to scan a QR code and fill out a form while waiting during a lab visit. It benefits in ways such as –

  • Reduces waiting time for patients
  • Prevents error at registration
  • Boosts experience & fastens registration

URL White Labeling

Build your domain URL as per your brand name with URL white labelling feature. With this feature, you can remove powered by CrelioHealth from all pages, report formats and your website and white-label your brand URL or booking link using your brand name.

Download Receipt At Booking Tests

The feature equips patients to download receipts when tests are booked online with the lab. These receipts have QR codes that can be scanned during a lab visit or home collection visit making the customer experience seamless throughout.

  • Seamless patient experience
  • Patients no longer have to wait for paperwork or other verification processes
  • Prevents longer queues at the front desk

We focus to maintain higher customer satisfaction, improving business functionality and providing new opportunities for your business to grow & attain better profits. To know more, sign up for a free demo with us using the link below.

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