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Laboratory sample preservation by Lab Sample archive system

Software Update | Archive Lab Samples

Lab sample archive system is a vital process in scientific research, healthcare, and various laboratory settings. It involves the systematic storage and Laboratory sample preservation for future reference, analysis, or potential reuse. Proper specimen archiving ensures the integrity and traceability of samples. This allows researchers and scientists to access valuable data and specimens over extended periods.

Lab Specimen Archiving: Beyond Sample Management

Specimen Archiving is to store processed samples in your Lab Sample archive system for evidential or audit purposes. In CrelioHealth (formerly LiveHealth) is typically managed in a vertically standing structure, consisting of racks designed in a 10 x 10 grid. By using the location of the Rack and X, Y grid position you can manage the storage of the sample at a precise location for up to 2000 samples.

How can you archive Lab Samples?

Well, there’s this option in the accessed section called “Update Sample Location”. It allows you to enter the rack number and the position in the rack where the sample is being stored post-processing.

This way you can always backtrack to where the sample is in the lab directly through CrelioHealth (formerly LiveHealth).

Updating Sample Location

Once you have updated its location in CrelioHealth (formerly LiveHealth), for future references of such sample you can get its location from Advanced Search’s “Reports & Services” section.

Retrieving Sample Location

Laboratory sample preservation offers several benefits. First and foremost, it facilitates the reproducibility and verification of research findings. Further, by preserving samples, scientists can re-examine and validate experiments, enabling result replication or the discovery of new insights. This is particularly important in fields such as medicine, genetics, and environmental research, where longitudinal studies and retrospective analyses are common.

Overall, lab specimen archiving is a critical practice that ensures the longevity, reproducibility, and traceability of scientific data and specimens. It serves as a valuable resource for future research, quality control, and scientific advancement. This makes it an essential component of laboratory management and scientific progress.

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