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Sample Archiving: Beyond Sample Management

Sample Archiving is to store processed samples in your archives for evidential or audit purposes. Which in LiveHealth is typically is managed in a vertically standing structure, consisting of racks designed in a 10 x 10 grid. By using location of the Rack and X,Y grid position you can manage storage of the sample at a precise location for up-to 2000 samples.

How can you archive samples?

Well, there’s this option in accessed section called “Update Sample Location” what it does is that it allows you to enter the rack number and the position in the rack where the sample is being stored post processing.

This way you can always backtrack to where the sample is in the lab directly through LiveHealth.

Updating Sample Location

Once you have updated it’s location in LiveHealth, For future references of such sample you can get it’s location from Advanced Search’s “Reports & Services” section.

Retrieving Sample Location

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