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Benefits of customer feedback for lab customers

Benefits of Customer Feedback and Why it matters to Lab Customers

Countless studies have documented the significant benefits of customer feedback about business performance and approaches. The concept is not new, but the value is real. So why do many well-intentioned businesses fail to take full advantage of this potential competitive edge?

The key here is about taking action. We’ve seen plenty of businesses that stack up feedback responses in their hypothetical shelves gathering dust. And we have also seen businesses grab the opportunity to upgrade their process in order to provide better Customer Feedback and a more engaging patient experience at the earliest stage.

CrelioHealth(formerly LiveHealth) provides you a detailed list of feedback responses that the lab customers register through the app after they receive their reports. This includes the customer rating along with the comments they add (if any).

Let’s talk statistics here, for the month of May 2018, CrelioHealth(formerly LiveHealth) powered labs in total registered more than 1600+ feedback responses, and out of those 94% of patients walked out of the lab with a great experience.
For some labs, the number of customer feedback received was more than what they received on any other platform.

customer feedback statistics
Feedback statistics (May 2018)

Now we all know that the praise is a good thing to have. But, it’s the bad feedback responses that will help you grow and scale into not just a big lab but a better one.

There were 97 responses we received which were from patients who were not happy with the services rendered by the lab. 
More than 60% of those complaints were regarding these 3 issues:
1.) Delay in Report Dispatch 
2.) Issues at the reception counter
3.) Lab Environment (Hygiene)

Let these points serve as a checklist to see where things stand the moment you are reading this post.

Utilizing customer feedback, good or bad gives you enough data to perform an in-lab analysis.
Once you’ve analyzed the feedback, mark areas where you need improvements & make strategies to overcome those.

Utilizing customer feedback for good

Got feedback? This is what to do with it!

We recommend you figure things out on this front by revisiting your current process flow at the lab and start applying new attitudes and behaviors in the lab wherever you feel like there is room for improvement.
Develop specific strategies and focus on building a plan with clear milestones.
Additionally, Be deliberate in your efforts, and seek out support from others in your business to help reach your ultimate goal, which is those glowing 5 stars that represent a happy customer.

How can you track feedback within CrelioHealth(formerly LiveHealth) you ask? Refer to the image below:

CrelioHealth(formerly LiveHealth) Feedback Section Location

In summary, Utilizing customer feedback provides businesses with actionable insights, and drives improvement and innovation. Also, it measures customer satisfaction and promotes customer engagement. By actively seeking and leveraging the benefits of customer feedback, businesses can build stronger relationships. This enhances their offerings and stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

Speaking of Utilizing customer feedback, why not let us know what you think in the comments below.

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