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Dr. Lal PathLabs’ Key to Success

The healthcare industry has, lately, been witnessing a massive technological transformation. While this serves to be a prerequisite to meet the escalating costs and increasing demands, the key to success by Dr. Lal PathLabs’ still remains unidentified by most healthcare providers.

It’s no exaggeration that the healthcare industry has only a handful of service providers who truly understand the importance of patient satisfaction in their journey to achieve success. Believe it or not, patient experience is what determines your position among your competitors.

Here is a summary of the insights shared by Dr. Bharath Uppiliappan from Dr. Lal PathLabs at Diagnocon event on — Customer Focus Drives Success

Healthcare in India

India is a highly under-penetrated market and holds a large growth scope for healthcare industry. The diagnostics sector can expect and be geared up for INR 600 BN boom in the years to come. This is driven by the rise in:

1. Increase in evidence based treatment

2. Focus on preventive diseases and wellness

3. Demand for services for lifestyle diseases

The rapid growth in technology and its increased adoption has taken the diagnostic sector from Unorganized to being a well-organized sector in the last few years. The impact of this is clearly evident from the growth of the industry as depicted below.

Dr. Lal PathLabs’ Growth Story

It’s indeed interesting and inspiring to note that the company has recorded a commendable growth rate in past 12 years. Maintaining the graph consistently upwards, Dr. Lal PathLabs has successfully raised its revenue from INR 43Cr. in the FY 2005 to INR 920Cr. in the FY 2017.

Dr. Lal Pathlab’s Success Graph

Wondering what drove this growth?

Let’s delve deeper into their success story.

Dr. Lal PathLabs — A Trusted Diagnostics Partner

Their key to success lies in their emphasis on addressing and meeting Customer Expectation. Let’s understand the factors that contributed to customer satisfaction for DLPL-

1. Quality and Reliability

DLPL operates with a team of 230+ doctors across the country to provide best medical assistance to its patients.

● Lab offers IGIB tie-up that enables 70 million Indians affected by genetic diseases an easy access to genetic tests.

● It has successfully built two large Reference Labs in Delhi and Kolkata

● Possesses LPL accreditations

2. Easy Access and Turnaround Time

They’ve created a widespread network of 190+ clinical labs and 7000 sample collection centres across the country to make their services quick and easily accessible for patients.

  • DLPL offers best possible attention to all its patients with a team of 4000+ well-trained employees including pathologists and radiologists
  • It has IATA compliant logistic services for home collection facility, trained & experienced staff, and best-in-class courier partners.
  • It offers a quick Turnaround time with the use of latest technology to make diagnostic experience hasslefree for patients. This is possible with the use of an advanced ERP, powerful LIMS, and Data Collection & Analytics.
  • It adds minimum of 50+ different facilities to their network each quarter clearly indicating that they are forever committed to improving their existing services.

3. Pricing and Menu

Their exhaustive list of tests and services at competitive prices is yet another way to attract new customers and enhance customer loyalty.

  • DLPL creates and promotes lucrative deals, discounts and packages at regular intervals to attract patients and stay ahead in the competitive market.
  • It conducts regular B2C activities and uses a well thought through channel wise approach to grow their business.
  • It offers patients a wide range of over 3500 routine and high-end tests.

4. Sales & Marketing Strength

Dr. Lal PathLabs have successfully created a strong Social Media presence which plays an eminent role in the growth of any business today.

  • They have a team of more than 600 employees to manage their sales and marketing, and a dedicated digital marketing team to manage their digital presence.

Key Takeaways

A proven track record of high patient satisfaction is what helps any healthcare service provider to scale faster and better. Customer Focus is the key to success, not price alone. Allow your customers help you become the industry leader by offering them –

  1. Quality services with a quick response time
  2. Enable patients an easy access to tests, like booking appointments while sitting at home to avail home-collection facilities
  3. Allow patients to receive reports quickly and in an easiest way possible.
  4. Let them know you are available everywhere & anywhere they need you.
  5. Offer them an exhaustive list of test options at competitive pricing and prefer best-in-class technology to run your lab
  6. Make your presence noticeable through the most preferred digital channels and communicate with your customers on a regular basis.

All of the above eventually helps build trust and keep your patients happy.

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