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How Fidelity Diagnostics uses LiveHealth to meet its Patient Experience Standards

Fidelity Diagnostics Private Limited has a strong focus on providing high-tech medical imaging and diagnostics services. It has always been at the forefront of technology, using the latest top-of-the-line equipment to deliver higher standards in healthcare.

As they scaled their operations beyond single location, they realised the need to move to a cloud based information management system to maintain excellent patient experience. Their goal has always been to provide the best patient experience and quality healthcare services.

Fidelity maintains NABH standard for all its locations and is one of the handful diagnostic centres in India to have all locations accredited by NABH. Handling patient data with integrity has always been an utmost priority for them.

Earlier, maintaining a quality standard was difficult, managing patient data, records and transactions across multiple locations was a task, and redundancies were a everyday thing. Errors in reading patient details & investigation details were also very common.

Here’s what they now have to say after switching to LiveHealth —

“By the use of Livehealth, the Patient gets complete clarity and can see the report status on the app or website, once the tests are done the reports are sent automatically and the payment can be made directly online, the patient does not have to travel to collect reports physically from the lab.”

Additionally, if a patient visits another branch of Fidelity or visits the same branch again, patient details like age, sex, and study name are passed accurately to all stages in the operation thus avoiding any possible errors. According to one of their past instances, they’ve had occurrences of certain erroneous cases earlier where a study was performed on the left knee instead of the right.

“Going mobile has also made it easy for our Radiologist’s & Doctors to access patient information and reports without having to need a physical copy. This has made the overall process smooth and streamlined.”

-Dr. Geeta Dhembare

In the past 2 years as the business operations have scaled at a rapid pace, the patient experience remains notably good. With the addition of patient feedback, their ratings have been great, and they are now able to factor in more than 300+ patient feedback to further improve their patient experience which is currently 4.4 out of 5 on an average.

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