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Millennium Lab Drives Significant Revenue Growth Using CrelioHealth

Millennium Special Lab Pvt. Ltd., earlier known as Dr. Vaidya Laboratory, has been operational since 1979. With 15 years of NABL accreditation, it’s operational 24 hrs. & 365 days a year. The founder — Dr. Ulhas Vaidya, and the CEO — Mr. Kiran Gosavi & their team of experts supervise millennium path lab operations from dawn to dusk. They cater to a sizeable volume of 1K+ samples and over 1.5K tests per day, with 3 operational locations and processing centers across Mumbai and Nashik.

One of the biggest challenges that Millennium lab services faced was the size of its losses due to inefficiencies in its analytical and pre-analytical processes. Not to mention the revenue leakages due to its growing fragmented process. With decentralized sales & collection, and handling finance of remote collection centers, the difficulties in lab operation management continued to grow. These unresolved concerns continued to grow with the expanding business that demanded modern software for a holistic approach to the multi-center lab business.

Resolving Millennium Laboratory Data Security Concerns with CrelioHealth Cloud LIMS

Among multiple challenges that came along with the expansion of the lab across geographies, the most crucial one was Data Security. After using multiple software and continuously evaluating others, Millennium laboratory decided to switch its entire Lab network to CreloHealth.

“All the data is kept recorded on cloud and it can be retrieved anytime without any leakage, so we chose to use CrelioHealth for our Lab”

— Dr. Ulhas Vaidya | Founder

Crucial factors, like CrelioHealth being a HIPAA-compliant software that uses 256-bit encryption (the Global standards) for high data security, gave them complete confidence about security and lifelong storage of data. Hosted on the world’s leading cloud service provider — AWS, CrelioHealth enables Millennium diagnostic center to stay absolutely carefree for its data.

Significant Revenue Growth & Reduced TAT

Monitoring every activity of multiple centers and managing operations related to finance, inventory, sample management, and outsourced tests was a challenge. Growing remote collection centers, decentralized billings & revenue collection caused serious revenue leaks in the process.

“We used to lose 20–22% of our revenue in leakages, we have been able to fix that after implementing CrelioHealth to less than 5% of revenue.”

— Mr. Kiran Gosavi | CEO

With automation, manual work required in patient registration, generating and sending out reports, and managing bills and finances especially for B2B business has been reduced to only confirmatory & monitoring roles. Moreover, readily available detailed MIS reports on any given aspect of the lab helped them improve the efficiency of processes and the quality of results with important actionable data.

“20–30% of overall reduction can be seen in TAT because of reduced efforts in registration of samples from source and ease in delivering report through auto-generated push notifications on mobile app and emails.”

Cashless Operations during Home Collections

Earlier, cash handling during the home visits was another major challenge for Millennium pathology laboratory. With multiple resources rendering this service it was hard to keep track of the collected cash. After implementing CrelioHealth, Millennium laboratory is now able to perform all monetary transactions during home visits completely online.

“Major challenges was cash handling during home visit. This was totally avoided by implementing this software because it allows patients to make payments online”

— Mr. Kiran Gosavi

With CrelioHealth Patient App, their patients can pay through various online payment options available in the app sitting at home.

Monitoring Millennium Lab Performance using Mobile Apps

With end-to-end automation and connecting all centers on the cloud, Millennium path lab now has access to the entire business-related information at the touch of a button. Mr. Kiran now monitors the performance of the entire millennium laboratory chain remotely and in real-time. Detailed MIS reports on department-wise information and other analytical data on web login or Mobile App, helped identify bottlenecks and streamline operations for greater productivity.

“Main advantage after implementing CrelioHealth is we are able to monitor & streamline our internal processes and find bottlenecks in the process and improve them to meet our growing demand”.

-Mr. Kiran Gosavi

Achieving a desirable balance between quality services and business profitability is no more a challenge for Millennium Lab now. With error-free operations, reduced overall TAT and better control over the entire laboratory chain, Millennium Labs now focuses on business expansion to even more locations with CrelioHealth cloud-based LIMS.

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