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Dr. Godbole Laboratory reduces TAT by 33% using CrelioHealth

For the past 50 years, Dr. Godbole Laboratory has been at the forefront of laboratory excellence using the latest automated instruments and their experience for the best quality and error-free operations. They have been investing in and using technology with a high degree of precision in clinical diagnostic to operate, grow and deliver quality. Even now, after 50 years, most clinicians and hospitals trust Dr. Godbole Laboratory’s commitment to quality.

With a high emphasis on quality standards, their process earlier relied heavily on requisition forms and registers throughout their operations. Using paper and requisition forms for day-to-day operations were the growing cause of low productivity and resulted in efficiency loss.

Certain internal processes, like confirming patient work orders, cross-verifying results and internal worklists needed a high degree of manual efforts and verifications. They needed a streamlined process which could help them eliminate manual processes and paperwork, and help automate their operations.

“Creliohealth helped us change this process. Now our team can directly see the complete operational status from the system. After the tests are done, the data from the instruments is directly interfaced to the reports eliminating the need for multiple verifications.

We like the way Creliohealth is designed, especially the tags which are shown next to parameters that indicate if the value is automatically filled or entered manually. This helps the doctors identify if the values are coming directly from the instrument or are entered by the technologists.

Additionally, the use of CrelioHealth’s organisation logins has helped us save a lot of efforts put in for updates and delivery of results. Our B2B partners and hospitals now have instant access to their patients’ results, as they are ready.

With changes made in the processes and by eliminating paperwork, Dr. Godbole Laboratory is now able to reduce their overall TAT (Turn Around Time) by 33%, which has in turn helped improve the patient experience and productivity of their staff.

-says Mrs. Sukhada Damle
Quality Manager, Dr. Godbole Laboratory

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