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Total Lab Care Expands its Business across Sudan, using CrelioHealth

Mazin Gabora, General Manager at TLC Laboratories explains how using CrelioHealth, he was able to operate the business with confidence and improve patient satisfaction across all his labs.

Challenges faced by Total Lab Care

With 8 years into the business, Total Lab Care (TLC)was facing hurdles with business operations. Repeated issues with data loss, high dependency on manual work and revenue leakages limited their profitability & growth.The business locations were spread across the city and daily logistics of sample transfers was already expensive. Additionally, the report turn around time was business critical for their doctors & hospitals they partnered with.

To build smooth and long term business relations, it was imperative for TLC to get a handle on its leakages, increasing error-rate, inaccuracy in test results, and delays in report generation & delivery.

Solutions Implemented

Despite many challenges faced, TLC’s management & GM had identified areas they had to streamline. TLC and Creliohealth got together to address the challenges faced by the business. With a determination to streamline the operations, plug leakages and improve patient satisfaction, TLC and CrelioHealth both worked towards implementing series of changes, from sample & reporting automation to improving patient communication localising SMSs in Arabic, integrating Creliohealth’s online portal for Patient logins with their website and complete control on their business finances and eliminating all leakages.

Within a few months after implementation TLC could see their efficiency in operations improve significantly. Financial control was stronger, nullified leakages, and they had not just clearer visibility on their business but much stronger control. TLC’s management was now able to focus more on patient satisfaction, and improve patient services. Over time, they also expanded the business to regions outside Khartoum.

Now with 3 years of using CrelioHealth, TLC soars to much bigger heights, and envisions to be the largest lab network in the country.

Happy Patients — The key to growth

TLC takes pride in offering top-notch patient experience and making it its unique selling proposition for acquiring business from outside its core geographic location.

Decrease in no. of waiting patients at TLC labs due to the convenience offered to them for viewing and downloading reports through web login or mobile app elevated patient experience and loyalty. Regardless of the distance, patients now acquire their reports within a few minutes.

Report customisation in Arabic language for ensuring patient satisfaction assured TLC that their prerequisites and requirements at all levels are CrelioHealth’s priority.

Business Expansion Across the Country

TLC attributes its confidence in growing and acquiring business from all over the country to its enhanced control over business and significantly reduced TAT due to the below factors-

Automation of pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical laboratory processes with instrument interfacing offered an effective means to boost low productivity growth-rates.

Adding new branch instantly to the system with entire original lab data easily cloned and optimised for the new set-up gave power to monitor, manage and track business from multiple centres remotely.

Ease in Business to Business outreach with automated communications for real-time updates on the test status, organisation-wise Report View Logins, electronic report delivery lowered TAT needed to enhance business relations

Managing Finance of all branches with one-time pre-uploaded Price Lists and Revenue Lists facilitates application of tests rates as per Referral doctors or Organisations at the click of a button. Real-time access to all transactional data of each centre in various reports enabled accuracy in maintaining accounts log.

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