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Sample Archival Tracking – A Must Have LIMS Feature

What is Sample Archiving?

Sample archiving is the process of long term storage of samples for clinical audits or evidential purposes. For different types of archived samples that are categorized as per their test departments, it is crucial to record all the information at archival. The sample archived records help in the tracking of the sample without any mismatching or error.

Which test needs sample archiving?

  • Histopathology tests
  • Multi-stage sample testing
  • Gene testing
  • Molecular testing
  • Oncology tests
  • Cellular level of testing procedures

Why do we need a tracker to search archived samples using LIMS?

A tracker helps in identifying the correct position of archived samples avoid redundant efforts in the future. It can also prevent reruns, repeat collection for the same procedure and study. For example, tissue studies are common for cancer patients. However, if you forget the location of the archived sample you have to search the entire rack. Failing to find the location might also require a repeat collection or reruns to begin the study all over again whereas tracker can help you search archived samples faster.

How do we track samples that are archived?

CrelioHealth‘s new update can help you do it with absolutely no hassle.

Introducing Sample Archive Upgrade

The new Sample Archive update allows you to archive different types of samples with a new approach and enable you to track them more efficiently than ever! Know More.

How to archive samples?

Labs can now use the scan mode approach to archive samples after selecting a specific location on the rack. This allows you to archive samples with the patient id and other details making it extremely feasible for labs to locate them in the future. You can view the rack as per their vacutainer colors to check, identify and compare the analogy of physical racks.


In addition to the above, you can go back and see available rack locations for future locations and arrange samples for archiving for the availability of every rack.

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Stepwise process:

  1. Under Accession, view the sample you want to archive.
  2. Onto the sample detail in your dashboard, click on the upper right hand corner.
  3. You’ll see a dropdown menu wherein you can update the sample’s access location that takes you to a new window to select a specific location of the rack.
  4. Choose the necessary and scan your sample to record the info.

How to search samples once archived?

You can search archived samples in the following ways –

Vacutainer color type – Vacutainer colors help you determine the type of sample you are searching for, easily.

Sample overview – Hover or click on the rack cells to get an overview about the sample in more detail. This enables you to avoid errors at sample search and selection.

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