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Role of Report Keyword Value in Boolean search

Histopathologists can Use Report Keyword Value for Advanced Data Search

Laboratory departments like histopathology, oncopathology, and radiology involve a series of R&D and studies leveraging the patients’ diagnostic reports. Deep analysis and findings for years takes a lot of effort, manual entries and going through massive paper stocks or Excel spreadsheets. Also, a series of so many diseases and health conditions available today, the effort spent on the findings is more than the results obtained. Therefore, with a  software that allows hassle-free retrieval of data via Report Keyword Value in a search tool, you can ensure you consume less time on the data extraction process and more time on the learning process.On a similar note, the years 2020 & 2021 required a rapid learning curve to determine how the virus is changing its variant and functioning. Also, it helps to closely check the impact that every variant has with different health concerns in humans. 

How does this Laboratory Advanced search feature benefit diagnosis?

Let’s consider scenarios for each department namely, oncology, histopathology, and radiology to understand the benefit of using a flexible search tool.

For Oncology Labs –

Oncologists can inter-relate and compare a particular diagnostic report finding of disease among other patient’s reports to understand the disease better and ultimately empowers doctors for efficient further treatment planning.

For Radiology Labs –

Radiologists can survey different diagnostic reports for the same patient to study disease onset and recovery patterns. And also analyze various data sets for a given Report Keyword Value in the scans. They can notice trends, patterns, and progression for anomalies in a desired course of time.

For Histopathology Labs –

Doctors and pathologists can have improved visibility for cellular-level analysis. This can forecast changes and progression over a certain case or over ‘n’ number of similar cases. As a result, it is much easier to study different permutations and combinations in this scenario when you have every set of data & relevant information with you.

To activate the boolean search feature, drop in a comment below.

Search Tool Advantages & Applications

  1. Easy to derive the granular level of data by scheming through reports. Such insightful data can play a key role in pathological research and studies.
  2. Let the user filter search results for age groups, gender, and time frames. These data sets can highlight essential disease patterns, types, variants, and trends, especially for newer diseases and ailments.
  3. The availability of wide range of comparative patient reports, enable doctors in better decision-making for treatment planning. This also include course of action, and other necessary aid. Thus assisting and being extremely helpful with respect to chronic health conditions.

While the tool has a wide range of advantages for lab diagnosis, it should let you extract data through the search engine without any limit. More importantly, you should be able to search for a specific department using just a relevant keyword. Broadly, the tool must provide data-dependent pathology departments with a high-addition value over a long range with minimal effort

Report data and findings play a significant role in lab diagnosis and post-diagnostics-related healthcare procedures. Therefore, extracting and accessing such report value data becomes extremely important for labs. To do so, the ‘Boolean Search feature can assist you to get the right and relevant data sets from your database at super ease.

Introducing Boolean Search: An Advanced Search Feature

CrelioHealth has introduced a Boolean Search for your Laboratory Advanced search feature. The feature enables you to search any Report Keyword Value in entire patient data by entering it in the search bar. The searched results can then be downloaded on Excel for analysis, monitoring, disease patterns learning, and prediction purposes. Let’s understand its value closely.

How Boolean Search Works?

For boolean search, users can input any Report Keyword Value to search across all departments.

You can also filter your search results for a specific department, date range, and gender. Other details include –

  • The search reports can be exported with a click.
  • There is no limit on the number of reports you can export.
  • You can search across your entire database to get reports.
  • The feature needs to be enabled from the backend; to activate it, contact your account managers.

Every year, for every specific disease, labs have to report details about it to an authoritative central healthcare unit. This is further utilized to improve treatment planning, and in the distribution of healthcare resources, vaccinations, and more across an area. Having such data in hand can help labs submit the numbers more frequently and mainly during peak hours such as seasonal outbreaks and pandemics. Also, Boolean search allows you to do just that closely on ground level and without any hassle.

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