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2020 was a year full of challenges but digitization helped us get through together. We added more than 300 customers, across 30+ countries. We started in the US, UK & other developed markets driving important shift in patient communication. 

We expanded our support for COVID-19 workflows, redesigned registration for diagnostic labs and processing centers, improved our onboarding capabilities through remote assistance and introduced performance enhancements to enable better connectivity and deliver a seamless patient experience. 


In the previous year at CrelioHealth, we delivered more than 36M Lab & Diagnostics Reports to 12.3M patients Worldwide digitally, enabling easy, faster and convenient healthcare.


About 453,469 Healthcare Practitioners leveraged the platform from 600+ cities worldwide. In 2020, we recorded more than 13M transactions worth $250M with 133% of increase since the previous year.

Doctors & Physicians

Over 474,399 unique physicians & consultants were transacted in 2020. The platform enabled quick access to reports soon after they were ready and improved care delivery with critical call recommendations, emergency flags, smart report and trends report. 446,517 doctors out of the above, used online logins provided by diagnostic labs for report accessibility online. 


An overall total of 40,340 Hospitals, Corporates, Insurance Companies and TPAs transacted on our platform, of which 18,389 transacted completely online.

New Features and Software Upgrades

Some big upgrades in 2020 for Diagnostic Labs, COVID-19 definitely changed our product roadmap for the year, and we had to respond to the crisis by providing tools to making it earlier for labs to scale COVID testing rapidly. 

COVID-19 Workflows Setup & Automation – We started with our first major upgrade to converting your lab testing into COVID-19 Lab Workflows instantly. Further more, automating COVID-19 reporting to Local Govt. authorities online. You can read more about it here.

CrelioHealth Academy – With evolving LIS capabilities, training users to be efficient for smooth operational and business management was important. We launch CrelioHealth Academy to ensure optimal user experience with LIS and Inventory. Know more here.


Patient Online Experience during the COVID shutdowns –  If Patients couldn’t travel outside, we enabled better & improved ways to make patients’ online experience simple. Upgrades like report delivery on WhatsApp & online payments support around the world & sample tracking are few of the many upgrades we did for better patient experience.

Helping Diagnostic Centers Transform their Business – During the times when traditional means of Marketing & Acquisition weren’t relevant, we enabled Digital & Social Promotions, which labs could use for marketing health packages to patients, improve online bookings & revive their loyal patients & business.

COVID-19 Contributions

About 1.8M COVID-19 tests were performed using our platform out of which more than 20K tests were done under the Mumbai’s Sero-prevalence Survey, conducted by TIFR, BMC and NITI Aayog, held at the Kasturba Hospital to survey residents living in the slum and non-slum areas of Dharavi.


Registration, transaction and recording sample details were entirely done through mobile. In 2020, we participated in the airport COVID-19 projects, onboarding an entire testing center in Delhi airport online. 

Awards and Recognitions

Last year has been great for awards and recognitions. We received 80+ customer reviews including Capterra, SoftwareSuggest and G2 at an average rating of 4.5/5 bagging the Customer Choice and Highest Performer award in 2020.


2020 marks as an year of achievement; wherein CrelioHealth also achieved HIPAA Compliancy assuring transacting users a high level data security.

We received the ‘Best Tech Solution of the Year‘ Award at the ET Healthworld ihta 2020 Intelligent Health & Tech Awards and Bronze Award in the ‘Health Tech’ Category at the  Indian Health & Wellness Awards 2020.


2020 has been a year that highlights patients’ experience and communication especially during lockdown when physical delivery was difficult. New upgrades to patient registrations and seamless handling and testing capabilities enabled basic screening of COVID-19 details, making it easier for labs to report COVID-19 samples to Govt. portals world wide. 

We aimed to make it extremely convenient for patients to enable access to lab services. With improved communication & reach we served around 12M patients worldwide of which 6L patients were revisits that transacted online.


The total patient feedback  received last year was the highlight for  laboratories & diagnostic centers which was about 47.5K. The average ratings was 4.5/5.

Around 38% of the test reports were delivered by partners healthcare platforms, extending the overall number of partners to 100+

We aim to continue delivering solutions to ground level diagnostic challenges and enable easy connect between labs and patients across the value chain.

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