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COVID-19 lab setup in 15 minutes

COVID-19 Lab Setup in 15 mins – CrelioHealth’s Digital Solution for Efficient Testing

With the rapid spreading of COVID-19 disease globally, the governments in a few countries decided to authorize all pathology labs for community testing (antibody & antigen tests); aiming to contain the virus. But, authorization isn’t sufficient. Laboratories worldwide need to opt for modern Lab Setups and ramp up their testing capabilities. Especially in developing countries where they majorly follow traditional lab management even today.

For faster testing of COVID-19 samples, not only having a full-fledged infrastructure is essential. But also a system that follows global guidelines for sample collection and manages & maintains patient information seamlessly. Also facilitates faster & accurate reporting to the Govt.

Digital technologies especially cloud-based solutions have proven to be the stepping stone to track patient history and generate accurate results. CrelioHealth’s cloud-based platform can make all this possible in just a matter of 15 minutes. Scroll down to find out how.

COVID-19 Setup Advantages with CrelioHealth

CrelioHealth enables your Lab setup for COVID-19 testing (for all types of lab tests) within 15 mins, with –


  • Instant Account Creation
  • Customized Workflows 
  • Online Patient Management Platform
  • Real-time Analysis of COVID-19 Cases
  • Bulk Reporting to Govt.

“Our solution enables you to test 1000+ samples daily, digitally record patient history & delivery reports online instantly.“

Understanding How CrelioHealth works on the Clinical Testing front

The patient/sample registration process involves collecting clinical history and crucial details using a digital TRF or COVID-19-specific registration portal on LIMS.

  • Perform Patient identification using an Aadhar number for India or the recommended contact tracing tool in every country.
  • All samples are bar-coded at the collection for easy identification, handling, and transfer. Integrated lab setup instruments ensure automatic result entry, eliminating chances of errors at testing.
  • Manage the entire rapid testing process flow can be over CrelioHealth’s Doctors App on COVID-19 testing booths. Right from patient registration to report submission all through the application.
  • Positive reports are auto-flagged on the system reflect across the network and help authorities take immediate action for quarantine.

01-covid-19-dashboard (1)

  • Dashboard view of daily trends on positive and negative cases against the type of testing performed with a simple way to export daily reports.
  • Automatic bulk report submission to ICMR or local/state medical authorities.

Note: Sample collection, transfer, and testing are followed per global guidelines issued by the government. View the guidelines.

Proactively, you save time over paper forms, and multi-center registration/entries while outsourcing, maintaining report copies, and signing and submitting bulk reports to healthcare networks or the government.

CrelioHealth is the Technology Partner in the Sero Survey conducted by BMC, TIFR & NITI Aayog in Mumbai. Learn about CrelioHealth’s contribution to the study.

Our company guides & trains all our labs to efficiently use the LIMS platform with online live training & CrelioHealth Academy.

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