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Enable COVID-19 Smart Reports for Patients on LiveHealth LIMS

Offer patients more information than being tested ‘Positive’ or ‘Negative.’ Smart COVID-19 reports clearly explains them about health risks, symptoms and best precautionary practices to follow.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in our lives, and yet it continues to bring into limelight our lack of awareness regarding human health. Though not as infectious, lifestyle diseases like diabetes & heart disease are also on the rise in India. We have the highest no. of diabetics in the world (50.8 million) and about 60% of the world’s patients of cardiovascular diseases.

Yes, it requires extensive knowledge & steady discipline but that’s hardly any price to pay to avoid a life full of suffering, pain, and trips to hospitals. Considering the current scenario, we require to educate people about their health in a proactive approach that clears the chaos about COVID-19 myths and helps them get more clarity based on their individual medical state. As healthcare awareness is the need of the health, Smart reports can be extremely helpful here.

LiveHealth has partnered with Niroggyan to offer Smart COVID-19 Reports to patients, supporting the approach.

FREE with your current LiveHealth subscription plan

Nirogyyan Smart ReportsSmart Reports Nirogyyan

Patient friendly smart reports for COVID-19 by Niroggyan are basically COVID-19 lab test reports that shows you more than being tested ‘Positive’ or ‘Negative’ to the virus. It gives you precise input about the disease, and what are the possible symptoms you must be aware of, along with what type of individuals must be extra careful. And, lastly these health reports also enlist the essential health tips to follow on a daily basis to keep coronavirus at bay.

To request for COVID-19 smart reports, drop in a comment below with your details

Our lives will never be the same after the pandemic. Let us tap our human ‘fighter’ spirit and give it a positive turn; let us empower everyone to take health issues seriously. For us, our families, our children, and this planet.

Practice Hygiene! Stay Safe!

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