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Patient-friendly Smart Diagnostic Reports by Niroggyan Lab

The diagnostics sector has been a faithful partner to healthcare and helped save countless lives; advanced equipment, capacity to handle high volumes, and value-based offerings like short turnaround time, easy home collection, and online reporting have completely transformed the Indian industry. Yet, if a healthcare organization isn’t top-of-mind at their patient’s moment of truth when some medical need arises, there is guaranteed system leakage — patients go elsewhere. Considering that the top 3 most popular “patient portals” are Google, WebMD and Wikipedia, this is beyond surprising.

One way to solve it effectively is if Niroggyan Lab diagnostic providers (or for that matter, any healthcare provider) evolve from just being providers of health data to using data and tools to provide value-based care and influence the most effective health decisions, viz.

Level 1 — Information : explanation & interpretation, with suggestions for diagnosis.

Level 2 — Patient counselling : educating patients (especially in diet & lifestyle) and monitoring patient health (by collaborating with clinicians and pharmacists)

Smart Diagnostic Reports

A data and technology-driven tool, delivered as SaaS to healthcare providers supported by diagnostics.


The patient-friendly reports will help healthcare providers evolve their services, by supporting users with :

  1. Access: Giving consumers access to information in a credible and easy format which they can use.
  2. Action: Supporting growth of an ecosystem of tools and apps that allow consumers to take action with their health information.
  3. Attitudes: Helping to evolve attitudes/mindset about consumer engagement and health.

Niroggyan’s smart reports are designed by focussing on the quality of the user experience, since experience exists at the intersection between people, their data, and their ability & desire to act. We asked ourselves —

  1. What health problem are we trying to solve?

    The lack of people comprehending their diagnostic reports properly and failing to take corrective actions afterward.

  2. Whose attention are we trying to get?

    Users of diagnostics-driven health checks. We carefully curate the behaviour questions and bring out content that helps users become health literate.

  3. Is it simple and measurable?

    Nothing changes in the diagnostics process flow and the costs are affordable. Yet it’s an opportunity to be health conscious & check or track one’s health status.

  4. Are we open in our approach?

    The SaaS takes care of all the needs of client partners and end-users; the entire experience is curated to deliver knowledge and delight. We are always looking for synergies with different healthcare providers / startups.

  5. How is our implementation going to be analysis-driven?

    We follow an iterative, learning-based approach to develop the software for the most advanced lab test reports ever.

The Smart Reports tool requires collaboration with B2B partners who INFORM & ATTRACT, RETAIN & INTERACT, CREATE SYNERGY and EXTEND REACH with end-users.

Read more about Niroggyan’s vision to a smarter tomorrow with smart lab reports.

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