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creliohealth for diagnostics with new promotion feature

Promote your Lab Business using Creliohealth Promotion Feature

The current scenario of COVID-19 has set a huge limitation for the diagnostics industry to reach out to its potential customers. Meanwhile, digital platforms have proven to be extremely helpful. Booking home collection online and mobile delivery of reports has led to an uninterrupted experience between labs and their customers. So, let’s leverage them for promoting your brand only to boost instant revenue for your pathology lab business. The new Creliohealth (formerly livehealth) Promotion Feature helps you build your brand for the digital world. Furthermore, here you can engage your audience via social media channels, WhatsApp, or your own website.

How can you Benefit from using Promotion Lab Feature?

Being a complete marketing lab tool, Creliohealth (formerly livehealth) laboratory promotion benefits you by targeting customers using custom promotion packages or pre-designed posters. It provides a simple approach to reaching out to a specific audience digitally. This keeps them informed about the healthcare services available at your diagnostic lab. In addition to that, online booking of appointments at convenience along with online payments adds more value to their overall experience.

Here is how laboratory promotion work for you –

Create & Share Your Lab Test Package Online

Healthcare promotion packages can be customized using your existing tests or profiles, especially the most common ones. Based on their types and demand, they can be shared online not just to increase repeat patients but also to attract new customers to your center.

“It is as simple as sharing a link”

Creating Lab Promotions

promotion benefit for marketing lab

How to create promotion benefit for your lab

To promote your brand, creating custom lab test packages for the most popular health checkups can be extremely helpful for your laboratory business. Explore the new lab promotion feature that enables you to design a variety of such health packages. You can add necessary tests & profiles under the category. Let’s take the Routine Diabetes Package for example —  create it by adding HbA1c, fasting blood sugar, OGTT, lipid profile tests as well as other related tests to it.

Running Promotions on Social Media

 Lab marketing on social media

How lab promotions look on social media

Run a digital healthcare advertising promotion to increase your customer base by sharing healthcare packages on the top social networks. All promotion packages create a shareable link that is useable for featuring them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; attracting new customers. So, as you provide more value with social awareness about your product and services, it can act as a great source to elevate the financial inflow in your pathology lab business.

Sharing Packages on your WhatsApp Groups & with patients

With shareable links, it is super easy to market healthcare packages on your WhatsApp groups too. Inform patients about the regular marketing lab promotion at your center by sending them these links on WhatsApp.

sharing promotion packages

Sharing packages on WhatsApp

How to book Appointments?

Right from complete ease to booking appointments with suitable timings, to entering details, and paying online, Creliohealth for diagnostics would give patients a hassle-free experience. You can keep a check on these bookings from the home collection module and stay connected with your lab.

“Online booking of appointments at convenience along with online payments will add more value to the patients’ overall experience.”

online laboratory promotion
How appointments are booked by patients using promotion lab feature

It is designed for mobile audiences, without need to download apps, keeping your brand in the front at all times.

Use Readymade Graphics for your marketing lab brand

Laboratory promotional posters

Ready-to-use Posters

Pre-designed posters can be a promotional boon for your lab. You can download posters and utilize the benefits of social marketing in health promotion that best suit your interest. Add your brand logo, and publish them on social channels & WhatsApp right away to appreciate the lab promotion benefits. Moreover, they also print as boards or banners using a more conventional way of lab marketing.

Therefore, Healthcare advertising through Digital brand promotions gives you more opportunities to scale your business with instant revenue gains. Also, by utilizing the new promotion feature of Creliohealth for diagnostics you can improve your reach to engage more prospects.

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