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Promote your Lab Business with the LiveHealth Promotions

How can you Benefit from using Promotions Feature?

Being a complete marketing tool, promotions help you target customers using custom packages. In addition to that, online booking of appointments at convenience along with online payments will add more value to their overall experience.

Here is how we have improved the promotions –

New improved UI

The Improved UI helps patient book tests online with ease providing them with a seamless experience

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Custom Themes

Custom themes allows you to apply any colour you like to the package booking experience, allowing you to apply your brand colour


Sharing Packages on your WhatsApp Groups & Running Promotions on Social Media

Every promotional package creates a shareable link that can be used to feature them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; attracting new customers. With shareable links it is super easy to market packages on your WhatsApp groups.

Sharing packages on WhatsApp


Embedding Packages on your websites

The new promotions allows you to embed the package booking forms directly to your website and collect payments

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