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How to manage medical lab sample collection from home?

In the last decade, many labs were apprehensive about home lab sample collection services due to several reasons. Small labs did not see it as a profitable opportunity whereas mid to large diagnostic centers invest in it to some extent only. But, the pandemic has been an eye-opener to make diagnostic businesses understand the importance of pathology sample collection from home services. It has now become a necessity to offer patients especially when travel is a barrier constraint and going to a lab for testing is not possible for many.

Patient Segment where home visit must be considered?

  • Senior citizens
  • Patients diagnosed with severe morbidities
  • Bed-ridden patients
  • Patients who have undergone trauma or accidents
  • COVID-19 symptomatic

List of tests or lab for home collection procedures that are useful for care during a home visit.

  • Blood Tests
  • Urine Tests
  • Stool Tests
  • Semen Tests
  • Swab Tests
  • ECG
  • X-rays

How to manage path lab home collection?

Managing logs for the home collection lab can be tough – right from phlebotomist allocation to tracking their activity and evaluating whether the sample is collected timely, to ensuring the sample is received timely with proper barcoding and patient details attached. It is quite tedious backed with delays and errors when it’s all manual. Thus, use a LIS solution for smooth management.

Use CrelioHealth LIMS to manage, track and provide home sample collection lab services faster

CrelioHealth LIMS software allows pathology home collection labs to register patients through patient portals for path lab home collection.

  1. Address and time are the mandatory data fields to be recorded along with patient contact details and other information.
  2. By logging onto the home collection panel in the LIS solution, technicians can assign visits to the available phlebotomists.

The home collection dashboard also allows you to track and view the status of bookings for lab test home collection as –

  • Pending – Request still in the queue and haven’t been approved yet
  • Unassigned – Requires lab technicians to assign booking to relevant phlebotomist
  • Ongoing – Show if the collection service trip is active, assigned, in-progress or completed

The dashboard also allows technicians to reschedule, cancel or view all the necessary details for pathology home collection. Status monitoring enables efficient management.

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Ways to help your lab sample collection from home bookings without delay

To be able to get lab test home collection bookings, you will have to notify patients that this facility is available at your lab. So, it is necessary to utilize the right channel and frequency to ensure they receive the apt details about lab. Here are a few ways that can help –

Having an online presenceProvide a website link that allows patients to easily register themselves, book an appropriate time slot and make payments from any device

Promoting on digital platforms and social media channels:  Allow patients to connect with your home lab sample collection by promoting service information on social media channels.

Providing complete centre details – Enlist an update contact number on bills, receipts or lab info page that helps patients reach out for the service

Patient appsAllows patients to book home sample collection lab services at convenience through their mobile

Note: It is very important to provide complete center details and keep them up-to-date. As you never know which platform your patients prefer to connect with your diagnostic center.

CrelioHealth LIS helps you do all this in one go –

right from lab for home collection management using patient requests, to phlebo management, scheduling, and marketing.

We are thinking of having a Lab For Home Collection Live Tracking feature. Share your thoughts!

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