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Why is home specimen tracking essential for your medical lab?

Home collection service has become a crucial part of a diagnostic service especially on the patient front. With the pandemic around, delivering quality service for aiding patients is necessitated. Tracking and monitoring can help labs to provide better service delivery as well as help phlebotomists work efficiently. In a nutshell, it can enable convenient and faster service delivery to patients.

Advantages for Lab Management

By using mobile app for tracking phlebos helps for the following –

  • Monitoring helps in accountability of the sample collected as per requests per day.
  • Helps improve the accuracy of the estimated amount and monthly incentive for phlebos as per the sample count per day
  • By updating the sample collection status (by phlebo) we are able to track how many requests were missed or lost in transit
  • With sample collection info updated during a trip enables labs to understand how many samples they were able to collect per day which can be monitored over MIS to improve their performance, train them if necessary and assign them monthly targets.


How to track phlebotomists?

Managing external lab processes can be tough. To make it handy for labs and phlebos, process handling via mobile is a better way. Mobile app can enable labs to track, monitor and manage phlebos activity remotely.

How does monitoring helps?

Knowing their current location status helps to allocate them to the nearest home collection request location. Benefits to do so are mentioned below.

For the centre –

  • Helps determine real-time status
  • Saves time by assigning them at the nearest location
  • Helps determine TAT
  • Improves quality check
  • Keeps daily track entries and updates of phlebos
  • Helps estimate logistical expenses


Even lab centres can use view new home specimen tracking request and manage it remotely with ease using app. You can read more about it here.

For phlebotomists –

  • Easy for them to navigate to go to the right location
  • Check pending collections for the day
  • Get quick access to complete patient information

CrelioHealth LIS enables better home collection management using mobile apps for lab technicians and phlebotomists. This is helpful for labs that can provide them role-based login access to manage home collection requests with just a few clicks.

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