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CrelioHealth updates 2022

Top Product Launches & Upgrades In Quarter IV

2022 for CrelioHealth observed the best boost in product launches & upgrade. We focused on the major unaddressed lab management challenges at a process level & revamped our LIMS & CRM.

Also, this quarter marked a significant part of the year for major product launches that cover key business processes, operations & patient-centric modules.

To summarize here’s enlisting some of the best features launched in the last quarter of the year.

Top Launches For LIMS Software

Introducing Branches Module For Labs With Multi-Center

Multi-center management using laboratory information management software (LIMS) is quite tedious for an administrative manager. It includes managing separate masters for each location. Allocation of staff, and resources to administrative tasks, finances & report entries, and more, at every task, causes a big burden.

CrelioHealth eases that with the introduction of Branches for Multi-center management. This module helps you manage every task of all lab locations centrally. Hence all processes are made easier & less time-consuming for the admin, lab managers & other staff.

Complete Lab Management Through Mobile App

We have introduced a major update in the CrelioHealth For Doctors app to make lab management easier than ever, for everyone. There are prominent updates made to the laboratory app to enable each staff role to manage their daily workload with unmatched flexibility, convenience, and ease.

Know what we launched for you in our LIMS application.

Download CrelioHealth For Doctors App:

Find CrelioHealth For Doctors on the Play Store here
Find CrelioHealth For Doctors on the Apple Store here

Onboarding Labs on NDHM Portal Via CrelioHealth

Ayushman Bharat Health Mission building a digital healthcare ecosystem for India It ensures all vital records like health records, bills, and essential documents are securely available by consent through the registry. This will improve the healthcare experience in the nation and also prevent a lot of paperwork and hassle throughout a patient’s journey.

You can register your medical laboratory on the ABDM portal easily via CrelioHealth in 4 easy steps. Here’s how

Simplified VAT Management

We introduced VAT support in Billing and Finance reports for customers where government laws require tax on laboratory testing. This will allow you to have a more accurate understanding of the VAT that is liable to pay to the government. So you no longer have any more confusion between the VAT amount and the additional amount charged by your laboratory, making cash flow management better.

At billing, you can see the VAT percentage applied to the bill total. This will enable you to visualize how much VAT is owed to the government in advance and reduce the chances of error. It also helps you to get an export of all the bills with VAT amount and % clearly to help you prepare your VAT returns at the end of the period. You can set the VAT from the Bill settings in Admin.

Streamline & Manage B2B Finance

The process of labs transacting with their B2B accounts is currently extremely fragmented, where order bookings, invoices, dues, and other transactional history have to be accounted for. A lot of human intervention is required to keep B2B finance running smoothly. Payments for invoices or advances are usually collected manually which is tedious, unreliable, and can result in revenue leakages.

With CrelioHealth Doctor App labs can now streamline B2B transactions while providing a seamless user experience through our mobile applications. From online payments to tracking through a B2B dashboards & transaction history, the mobile app makes everything super convenient.

Scan Mode Enhancements

We now have a collect sample tab in scan mode, which will allow users to just collect samples after scanning. This will make it easier for users to collect samples. They no longer have to go through the process of searching for a sample and clicking on the “collect” button.

We also added a few more details in the scan mode like Patient DOB, National ID in details, and Test name in a separate column for readability purposes. All these small details add up to a better user experience and make users more productive in completing a test as they can better see the details. The purpose of this is when labs have different areas for collecting the sample, so would want the sample to be marked as collected in bulk

Share Reports To Multiple Providers In Real-Time

Now you can share reports with multiple providers (on demand) for the same patient. You can decide dynamically, add multiple providers for a patient, and share reports with all the providers or doctors of the patient (not only with the primary care provider).

Know how it works here:

Top Upgrades To Patient Relationship Management Solution

Home Collection Upgrades

Home collection in the patient CRM is more robust and now offers a variety of features that will make life easier for lab managers, the booking team, and the phlebotomists. Additionally, we improved navigation and introduced a more streamlined design.

We also launched the Branch support in home collection to seamlessly manage home visit requests for multi-center labs.

Managing Home Collection From The Phlebo App

HoweeverHome collection management is quite a hassle to manage remotely. Our home collection update on the phlebo app helps you drive home visit requests, easily locate patient’s address, access samples directly via the app & handle payments.

  • See all the bookings assigned to you and mark them as complete right from the app
  • Open navigation with just one click to help you locate the patient’s address easily
  • Mark the samples collected directly from the app with support for pre-printed barcodes as well
  • Collect the payments with the ability to capture payment proof
  • With direct integration with the lab system, you can submit the sample to the lab with the click of a button.

Download CrelioHealth Phlebo App

Smooth & Complete Order Management

Order management allows labs to process orders whether from patients directly from CRM or booked manually or even from any EHR directly in one place. Manage samples and even update orders directly from the order page itself. When the patient visits the lab for sample collection, they place an order directly in CRM.

Watch video for detailed walkthrough

The Lab web portal updates the order, and the dashboard of the lab portal automatically sends the reports. If the patient visits a primary care physician and obtains the prescription for the test which is collected in another lab the prescription will be updated in CRM and can be used to punch in or modify the order when the patient goes to the lab.

CrelioHealth an award-winning, most-reliable & secure solution for medical diagnostics. So, we regularly enhance our software solutions and introduce new features for smooth lab, patient & business management.

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