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Mobiles have become the single most powerful tool that most people use. They are familiarized with today’s world simply because of how powerful mobile apps can be. It enables users to swiftly multi-task, receive notifications, and have a better user experience.

Every industry has seen the ripples of mobile application dominance. Healthcare and Lab industry is no different. With most LIMS having negligible mobile presence users have to rely on desktops to manage their labs which might not be convenient at all times.

However, we at CrelioHealth are committed to giving the best user experience for our users. We not just provide a cloud-based LIMS platform but also have custom-made mobile applications for Android as well as iOS.

We feel that users should have access to their labs without having to carry their bulky laptops everywhere.

Here is what we have in store for you with our mobile applications.

Register and book orders for new patients with your mobile

Creliohealth Doctor App is equipped with a patient registration flow. So, lab managers will now be able to enter all relevant information about patients, book tests, and collect payments in a single place. So you are saving time without having to use a desktop with the promise of lowering the pre-analytical TAT.

creliohealth app to register patients

The key benefits of using mobile to register patients are that most people have higher typing speeds on mobile and also your staff can directly attach photos of receipts, prescriptions, etc using the camera.

Collect and Access Samples

Manage your accession workload using our mobile app directly where you can scan sample barcodes to collect and receive samples reliably.

sample accession in CrelioHealth for Doctors App

Manage End-to-End Lab operations remotely

Forget the old tedious process of viewing and approving reports of your patients on a computer, with the CrelioHealth Doctor App reports can be filled, approved, edited, and dispatched to your patients in a jiffy without any hassle ensuring reduced analytical and post-analytical TAT for your patients.

manage lab operation from CrelioHealth doctor app

Streamline and Manage lab finances

Manage and track all financial data with the mobile app with features like order history, daily insights, and finance dashboard which provides users with Revenue, Cash flow, and other B2B business insights.

manage lab finance using CrelioHealth LIMS app

Accounts and Provider Specific logins

The Creliohealth app does not only cater to lab technicians or owners but also to B2B accounts and providers where they can track their patient data like reports orders etc and transact with the lab seamlessly using our mobile app which results in an improved experience for lab accounts.

Creliohealth Doctor App is an extremely powerful tool with capabilities to:

  1. Manage and Streamline Lab Finances
  2. View, Edit, and Approve Lab Reports
  3. Register and book orders for patients
  4. Manage Accessioning workflows

What are the benefits of having the CrelioHealth Doctor App?

  • Control your lab operations remotely
  • Attach prescriptions and other proofs to bills directly with a camera
  • Improve overall TAT with all options available on mobile
  • Get notified about important events in your lab

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