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Multi-center management in LIMS

Multi-center management in LIMS simplified with Branches

A multi-center environment with multiple master lab sets up is hard to manage in LIMS software. This is because each lab requires different configurations and settings as per their requirement.  These master labs need to be maintained separately for each location individually which is both time-consuming and resource intensive.

This leads to operational inefficiencies. It also increases the possibility of errors in data input. So there is a high rate of rejected test r

esults as results have to be manually entered in each lab. All of which adds to a lot of burden on staff.

In CrelioHealth LIMS, branch management allows branch admins to centrally manage all location’s administrative and finance tasks. Hence, you reduce the need to maintain separate masters for every branch. This makes the process easier and less time-consuming.

What is a Branch?

A “branch” is a logical subdivision of a lab’s locations that share common masters. Each branch has limited access within that, but the finance is managed centrally and billed at the master location level.

In a branch, users can: Register and bill patients for their branch, or view and bill patients for other branches. If a patient is already registered and billing in another branch, they will be automatically transferred to the new branch. The branch users will be able to see reports and bills in the waiting list/ accession only for that branch.

The branch users can also fill in reports for patients of their branch.

How to use Branches?

Once the master lab is set up creating branches is an easy process. Here you can add them on an ad-hoc basis for users with no need to manually configure each.

  1. Create a Branch center, with its details. Provide a name, and branch code and set the address and timings

2. Assign organizations to the branches, the branches will be only able to bill organizations associated with them.

3. Finally create logins for branches, Branches allow you to create multiple branch users with different levels of access

How this will help?

  • Branches will allow you to consolidate their financial data into a master system and avoid duplicating records. It will also remove the hassle of managing local accounts and provide better visibility across your branches.
  • Patients are searchable in the entire network so patients can go to any center and past records will be available there.
  • Branches will allow users to share clinical data across all centers making reporting faster. It will also help managers to get meaningful metrics from the branches and help them to manage their resources better.
  • Sharing of samples is by default so chances of the sampling process delay or missed due to the sample not showing the main center are eliminated.

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