CrelioHealth For Diagnostics

Success Stories

Iravatham Clinical Lab Effortlessly Manages Inventory, using CrelioHealth LIMS
Dr. Chandrasekar Iravatham shares how he could effortlessly manage inventory at Dr. Iravatham Clinical Laboratory using LiveHealth
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Total Lab Care Expands its Business across Sudan, using CrelioHealth
Mazin Gabora, General Manager at TLC Laboratories explains how using LiveHealth, he was able to operate the business with...
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AIIMS Pathology Reduces Error-rate Significantly using CrelioHealth
Dr. Gaurav Chhabra, Asst. Professor Pathology at AIIMS Bhubaneswar, shares how lab automation has helped reduce errors and...
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Aditya Pathology Operational Cost Reduction Using CrelioHealth
Aditya Pathology, Pune, reduces its operational cost significantly using LiveHealth Lab Management Software
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Dr. Godbole Laboratory reduces TAT by 33% using CrelioHealth
Dr. Godbole Laboratory could see significantly speed up in operations and eliminate redundant paperwork by using LiveHealth
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Millennium Lab Drives Significant Revenue Growth Using CrelioHealth
Kiran Gosavi, CEO of Millennium, shares how they reduced revenue leakages from 22% to less than 5% and thus see significant...
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