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Iravatham Clinical Lab Effortlessly Manages Inventory, using CrelioHealth LIMS

Dr. Ashok Chandrasekar is the Proprietor of Dr. Iravatham’s Clinical Laboratory — Full-fledged with industry approved laboratory equipment and follows standardized protocols to ensure modern facilities to stakeholders. Although, to up with latest technologies and match the new ways of laboratory management, led the lab to switch to a better software solution. While searching for an advanced system that not only acts as a complete utility for the laboratory but also maintains NABL norms for their lab, Iravatham found CrelioHealth LIMS to be a perfect fit.

Easy Stock Management with Smart Inventory

Going on-board with CrelioHealth LIMS solutions was initially painful for Iravatham laboratory; however, the prompt training and assistance given by the CrelioHealth support team enabled better control, simplified process handling and smooth operations within a few days.

While many tasks came handy, Iravatham achieved better control on stock management using which it manages its inventory more efficiently than ever before. Enabled with trigger notification options that pop up as a reminder, the feature benefitted staff to stay aware and updated on their next purchase. Inventory related reports allow Dr. Ashok to make informed decisions, offering an end solution to all stock management issues. By providing smarter and much simplified ways to handle stock, the inventory is the most appreciated aspect of CrelioHealth LIMS for Dr. Iravatham Laboratory.

“It takes only one hour per day to manage inventory, which is quite appreciable.”

– Dr. Ashok Chandrasekar


Enhanced Lab Efficiency with 50% Improvement in TAT

Putting in all pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical tasks with lab automation and combining it with machine interfacing facility reduced manual intrusion at Iravatham Lab. This led to an increase in lab accuracy at every stage of operations with fully eliminated manual errors and around 40–50% improvement in the turnaround time.

“After implementing CrelioHealth, the overall TAT has significantly improved by 40–50%.”

Faster Connectivity with Mobile Apps

Along with automation, choosing cloud platform served as an optimal choice for Dr. Chandrasekar. CrelioHealth’s patient and doctor’s app added more benefits to lab management at Iravatham. Using mobile apps facilitated by CrelioHealth, patients can track test status in real-time, make e-payments and receive reports online; thus providing positive feedback for the lab. In addition to that, doctor’s app enabled authorized doctors to sign and submit reports remotely and offer fast assistance to the lab; thus saving hugely on effort as well as time.

Utilization of software as a service with a modern operational approach improvised lab management for Dr. Ashok Chandrasekar. CrelioHealth’s seamless facility to manage inventory, enhanced turnaround time and error-free operations helped Dr. Iravatham Lab to stay up to the mark with NABL standards.

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