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How Paranjape Diagnostics Manages 2x Sample Load with the Same Number of Staff!

Upgrading to Standard Plan from Lite Plan enabled Paranjape Diagnostics to elevate staff productivity, improve reporting accuracy and have better patient care services.

Dr. Saurabh Paranjape, Proprietor at Paranjape Diagnostics planned to use LiveHealth LIMS since its inception as a consultant pathologist, he had seen the shortcomings of standalone solutions at various labs. Hence, he decided to go for a cloud-based LIMS for his diagnostic center.

Aiming towards flourishing business to meet quality requirements for patients, enable smooth workflows for lab management and accelerate reporting for all stakeholders, Dr. Paranjape decided to utilize the basic version of the software. His team and LiveHealth got together to work towards meeting the prerequisites his business necessitated. Streamlined operations, end-to-end process control, smooth finance management and cloud-based benefits help him manage his laboratory business more efficiently.

By leveraging lab automation and mobile delivery of reports, Dr. Paranjape noticed an improvement in the reporting turnaround time within just a few weeks. As the overall processing time shortened, sample load increased for the lab and led to the growth in their customer-base. It was then Dr. Paranjape chose to switch to a better version of software and upgraded to complete lab automation with sample accession. As a result, he could manage double the sample load with the same number of staff at absolute convenience.

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Additionally, he also experienced the following benefits his lab achieved with plan upgradation-

Sample Accession with Total Lab Automation Reduced 3x Errors

Accession that includes sample labeling using barcodes improved sample handling; reducing pre-analytical errors in operations. As a result, the lab could run tests using bi-directional machine interfacing; auto-fetching results into the software and decreasing analytical errors. This led to the elimination of manual report entries for staff avoiding reporting errors; improving report quality & accuracy for the lab.


Faster Mobile Delivery enabled Referral Doctors to Aid to Patients Instantly

The ability to deliver reports immediately after they are ready, using LiveHealth’s Mobile App for Doctors helped consulting doctors to aid their patients without any delay. As reporting turnaround time is extremely short, Dr. Paranjape appreciated this time-saving benefit as a very essential part of the medicine business.

“As soon as I submit the reports, as soon as I submit the platelet count, the doctor starts treating that patient. So, it saves time and that’s the very important part in the medicine business.”

– Dr. Saurabh Paranjape

Easy Management of Collection Centers using MIS Reports

“For the labs who have collection centers, or multiple collection centers, this software is particularly very good.”

– Dr. Saurabh Paranjape

Managing end of day balances for collection centers are super easy with MIS reports. These reports even if seen at a glance are not just helpful to estimate total business for the lab but are also useful to tally collections at utmost ease.

Total lab automation has a significant impact on improving the overall efficiency of the entire lab process right from registration to sample collection and report delivery. With such upgradation, Dr. Paranjape could optimize the growing sample load with limited staff and avail more benefits for his lab.

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