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Future Trends Report – Enable Continuous Monitoring of Patients’ Health Trends Report

The era of intelligent technology is shifting the gear for healthcare. Today accessibility is the key to managing patients’ health trends reports spontaneously striking out the additional waiting time to deliver service. What if you leverage something that no longer requires you to go through older reports to monitor patients’ health over a period of time? Well, yes, now that’s possible with a future trends report.

What is a Health Trends Report?

Trend Reports gives you a trend of your health parameters over a period of time in the form of a graph. Like its name, it can show different parameters and its increasing or decreasing trend simultaneously about your medical well-being. Such values can be extremely helpful in assessment for not just referral doctors but also become useful for patients

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We are introducing 2 versions of the Creliohealth report:

  1. Compact CrelioHealth Report

    • Report that shows reporting trends in compact manner
    • Preferred for for tests with multiple parameters like Complete Blood CountScreenshot 2020-06-30 at 4.03.03 PM
  2. Detailed Reporting trends

    • More clarity of values
    • Easy to read trends along with the values
    • Color coding to highlight abnormal & critical values
    • Description for tests that helps patients understand it better
    • Preferred for tests for chronic conditions & have less number of parameters eg. Thyroid Profile, Sugar etc.

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Benefits for Referral Doctors –

Here are a few aspects of trend reports that can benefit referral doctors on the go –

  • It helps to understand the changes in each value with a short graph
  • With graphical representation, you can monitor how certain values have improved or unimproved within a time period.
  • It no longer requires time to go through multiple annual report trends to capture patient history
  • A single view can provide more visibility to information like patients’ history and their health trends reports
  • Color coding at each value point becomes helpful to know the normal, abnormal and critical ranges throughout
  • Extremely helpful in making better decisions with holistic view on patients health

Benefits for Patients –

Patients can benefit from future trends report in the following ways –

  • Get a general understanding about their medical history
  • This prevents them from carrying or downloading additional annual report trends copies from the past to learn about health
  • Provides numerical values along with description about tests can help them have a  complete knowledge about their medical well-being
  • Offers additional details on past health overview, symptoms etc.

Trends report BETA is FREE until 31st July 2020. This feature is under the Patient Test List in the Operation Module.

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