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Build Customer Trust – Inform Patients about the Safety Measures you are Taking!

There is a sense of fear amongst patients to visit a medical lab or centre post lock-down. This is why we must communicate to patients well in advance about all the hygiene and precautionary measures that we are practicing.

Communicate to Patients that you are taking these measures –

  1. Protective Gear Usage
  2. Hand Hygiene
  3. Cleaning & Disinfection of Instruments
  4. Cleaning & Disinfection of Centre
  5. Waste Management

Protective Gear

PPE kits recommended for COVID-19 are used by staff in a diagnostic facility as per their level of work. Let customers know that every precaution is taken; especially by phlebotomists who are responsible for home collection and staff working at the registration desk.

Hand Hygiene

Ensure patients that strict hand hygiene while handling patients at the time of sample collection or health evaluation is followed at point of service.

Cleaning & Disinfection of Instruments

Communicate with patients about the strict cleaning & disinfection of instruments used at sample collection or during health evaluation.

Cleaning & Disinfection of Centre

Patients must know that we care for their safety; hence visitation to any laboratory or collection centre ensures strict cleaning and disinfection of the centre at equal intervals of time.

Waste Management

Apart from the common COVID-19 practices, you may also opt to educate customers about all the precautions that are taken to dispose waste materials after usage of PPE kits as well as other bio-wastes at a lab centre.


To-do List for Patients – What they must follow during a lab visit

While labs ensure high-level safety through early communication, patients should also be informed about the practices they must follow during their visit at their lab.

Respiratory Hygiene

Inform patients beforehand that they must wear a mask and carry tissues to maintain respiratory hygiene within the lab vicinity

Social Distancing

To secure patients’ safety, notify them about the importance of social distancing and why they must follow it during their visit.

Other Practices

Educate them about online reporting availability. With online or mobile delivery of reports patients can avoid too many visits to a lab facility. Letting them know about such additional offerings can also benefit you with retaining your customers for a long period.

Communication is the key to develop a healthy relationship with your customers. Educating them about hygiene practices at your centre post lock-down develops can boost patient trust, eliminates their fear and help labs maintain better customer retention on the whole.

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