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Personalise Brand Visibility – Offer Complete Clinical Lab Details

Customer attraction is enhanced when their requirements match what you offer; creating better awareness. Giving them more visibility about your medical lab services by listing them under center details can help you attract more customers & improve the rate of engagement.

Personalisation helps customers have more visibility and clarity about a business service. As diagnostic services are increasing their digital presence, it is super easy to build personalisation with customers. We never know which part of our offering attracts our customers. Hence, offering a comprehensive detail about our centre should be on priority.

Know why every centre detail is important –


Logo creates a public perception for your laboratory business. It helps personalise health packages and influences better branding of your name in the competitive market. More importantly, as a healthcare provider, it adds value in the patient portal.

Contact Address

Contact address is the basic info that all your stakeholders must be aware of. Having a complete and clear address of your lab centres can also help customers reach out to you using google.

Contact Number

Contact number not just helps customers to book appointments but also to inquire other details about your laboratory. It can also act as a traditional source for collecting feedback from customers and partners. Ensure that your contact number details are visible to them.

Working Hours/ Center Timings

Often labs fail to provide information on their working hours. This creates confusion for patients at appointment booking. Providing right information about working hours for weekdays and weekends can reduce confusion for all stakeholders while reaching out to you.

Working Days

Centre working days is an important set of information that can help patient portals especially during peak times.

Center Location(s)

If your laboratory business is set up across various locations, display it along with other centre details. Doing so can provide patients the ease to reach out to the center nearest to them.

Website Link

The best way to create a digital presence is to give more to customers than expected. A website link can help them explore more information about your lab, its best practices, services and specialized health packages you offer.

Home Collection

Providing home collection is a value-added service especially for senior citizens, chronic patients, expecting mothers, children and many others. By letting patients know that you offer home collection right under your centre details, helps you add more weightage to your business.

Online Payment

Marketing to patients that you have an online payment facility can offer them more convenience. It is one of the benefits that can improve customer experience for your lab.


A tagline speaks more about your brand and creates a lasting impression on your customers mind. Adding taglines to your website, packages, as well as centre info impacts better reach in the marketplace.

Updating the basic info about your diagnostic center reflects on the patient login portal, mobile app and various other communication channels that connect you with new or existing customers. Hence, enlist all the requirements they are looking for and improve brand visibility on the go.

Have you filled in all your lab centre details? Take a look.

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