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Navani Diagnostic Centre Improves its Business Productivity using CrelioHealth LIMS

How Navani Diagnostics achieved bilateral benefits for patients & the lab, and enabled business productivity with increased scalability using CrelioHealth LIMS.

Challenges Faced

Operating for more than 16 years now, Navani Diagnostic Centre frequently faced operational challenges affecting business growth. Despite having a laboratory management software, Dr. C. Natesan, Proprietor shared that the lab had processing limitations, due to which the company faced frequent productivity issues. While dependency on people rather than systems & processes repeatedly caused manual errors, critical report turnaround time impacted end customers. As a result, they found it difficult to scale their operations to serve a growing customer base & business.

Solutions Implemented

Considering the daily challenges faced, Dr. Natesan monitored all ends of his lab and enlisted a few requirements needful to plug issues that affected peak performance. The management at Navani Diagnostic Center worked with CrelioHealth to resolve such associated limitations. To introduce a smooth sample processing workflow, they utilized CrelioHealth LIMS to transform laboratory ends that necessitated improvements and moved their entire operations from a server-based system to a cloud-based platform. Right from sample collection to delivery of reports, process automation streamlined operations, automatic billing and log entries defined a smooth control over finance; sealed possible areas of leakages that caused revenue drips within the business network.

As moving to cloud reduced manual entries throughout a lot of processes, the business began to notice a noticeable reduction in the manpower dependency from the first month. This also led to a successful decrease in the rate of manual entry errors. In addition to that, sample bar-coding and instrument interfacing completely eradicated duplicate entries, thus, eliminating confusion throughout sample life cycle management and reporting.

Bilateral Benefits for Patients and Lab

The ability to assess reports instantly & remotely using app or web logins enabled doctors to act faster. Despite their unavailability at the centre, the feature allows them to review, sign and submit reports within a few minutes using secure credentials. This has led to a substantial reduction in the report turnaround time, ensuring the lab to render faster services to patients.

Shorter waiting time for patients at Navani Diagnostic Centre as they have the privilege to download reports on their phone using ‘mobile apps for patients.’ Right from booking to delivery, they can receive SMS or app notification which keeps them informed about their test status. This acts as a bilateral benefit for both laboratory as well as customers; where at one end patients save traveling time for report collection, the lab can save cost on printing and dispatching.

“We get two benefits — Patients save their traveling time and we save printing and paper cost. So both, patients as well as the lab have been benefited with the software.”


Business Scalability with Increased Productivity

Interfacing analyzers with LIMS offered hassle-free means to manage operations. Boosting the processing rate with integrated system elevated lab productivity and led to an increase in the sample volume. As a result, they could conveniently add more B2B clients to their network and scale business efficiently.

Digital delivery of reports ensured connecting labs to receive reports as soon as they are ready. The report view login facilitates them to have immediate access to received reports, giving them the ability to offer faster services to their patients as well. Such benefit contributed to improving business relationships for Navani Diagnostic Centre.

“Once other laboratories give sample to our centre and we process all tests, reports are uploaded into the software and automatically received at their end. They can share these reports faster with their patients. It is very convenient for them also.”

Streamlining operations with complete lab automation enabled leakage control throughout the business. End-to-end information tracking introduced traceability at every process loop, offered clear monitoring and improved financial control for Dr. Natesan. He could now see a significant reduction in the overall leakages throughout business operations.

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