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Swastham Laboratory Enhances its Workflow Efficiency, using LiveHealth

Challenges Faced by Swastham

Being in business for more than 5 years now, Swastham Clinical Laboratory observed many complexities throughout operations and business. To address them, Mr. Kishorebhai, the founder of Swastham installed a software tool that could ease process management for staff and enable better experience to all stakeholders collaborating with them. Crucial tasks related to operations, accounting balances and managing finances were staff dependent despite having a software. In addition to that, all user and financial data were maintained over a register caused unavoidable manual errors and unorganised and slow handling of processes; demanding more time and effort from the staff. As a result, Mr. Kishorebhai could see uncontrolled potential leakages throughout operations.

To enable seamless workflow management and improve business collaborations it was of utmost importance for Swastham to resolve repetitive manual errors, leakages and poor financial handling.

Solutions Implemented

By determining all requirements that are necessary for a seamless workflow, Mr. Kishorebhai leveraged LiveHealth to address complexities that hampered business. With the aim to achieve error-free operations, better financial control and enhance staff productivity, Swastham & LiveHealth worked towards transforming laboratory areas that necessitated streamlining.

Right from patient entry to report delivery, complete lab automation significantly reduced staff workload; enabling them to focus more on aiding patients. While digitization of laboratory eliminated manual errors and possible leakages, automated billing enabled smooth financial handling. With streamlined operations, quality-assured results for doctors and patients and improved financial flow, Mr. Kishorebhai could now see significant improvement in business within a few months.

Financial Analysis over Your Fingertips

Lab automation and easy-to-connect cloud platform proved to be of complete benefit for Mr. Kishorebhai, using which he could centrally view and analyze real-time finance of multiple centres, anytime, anywhere. In addition to that, the readily available comprehensive MIS reports featured by LiveHealth LIMS added extra value at financial management, allowing him to monitor progress patient-wise, department-wise, and also on the sources of income.

“MIS reports made it easy for us to generate useful reports like total revenue and daily billing details. We no longer maintain registers to record daily billing details now.”

While managing finance became handy, Swastham experienced around 47% reduction in manual efforts that were earlier spent for accounting collection at multiple centres. As a result, the lab no longer required registers, reduced its logistics time and saved heavily on the cost.

Scaling towards Success

The communication barrier that Swastham faced previously from B-B clients and the staff was now completely handled by LiveHealth LIMS. The solution offered customization of front end operations that can be defined as per authorities. Separate login credentials and password enabled with customized access allowed clients to stay well-connected and receive reports within a few minutes.

“LiveHealth makes the process of adding new centres easy, which is really helpful in scaling business.”

Auto-notifications and emails improvised communication amongst all stakeholders and strengthened business collaboration. Facilitated with adding new centres and users, LiveHealth promoted a feasible platform for Mr. Kishorebhai to grow and expand his business.

Redefined Laboratory Management with Remote Access

Apart from streamlining lab workflow, the cloud-based system enhanced laboratory management in many effective ways. Remote accessibility, real-time tracking, and endless data security resolved much bigger problems.

“By providing login access to phlebotomists, they are now able to register patients at the time of home collection using Mobile Apps.”

LiveHealth mobile apps with pre-defined access control enabled phlebotomists to register patient right at the time of home collection. Being a huge advantage for doctors, the app made report approval and authorisation remotely possible soon after they were ready. This redefined the overall lab management process for all staff members working with Swastham.

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