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redefining the lab-to-home experience

Rethinking the complete Lab-to-Home workflow

Recently we rolled out a new improved booking experience for the patients, which is more closer to our goal of a more simple, yet natural way to book for health screenings that are Lab-to-Home workflow solutions.

It was challenging to work on this update since it was being designed considering three major stakeholders or personas. You, the Lab Administrator, and the Phlebotomist.

One of the major changes in this version included our decision to remove the Lab (care provider) selection from the workflow. The system smartly just redirects the booking to your most recent or nearest provider, without you having to worry about it.

The User / Patient Experience

This version of the app, offers significant improvements in the booking including Lab-to-Home workflow services, starting with categories for your health screenings.

Categories help naturally segregate lab tests and screening tests into identifiable sections. As of now, the categories are related to lab tests only. But we will soon be adding X-Ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Genetics, and Chronic conditions.

Post-screening category selection, the test picker is fast, searchable, and easy to pick and proceed.

You can choose for home collection if you’d like. The time slots offer an option to select a larger time range for your availability.

CrelioHealth App, booking experience

The Provider Experience

Our aim was to make the after-booking process more transparent and make it more fast and seamless for providers. Starting with, we offer real-time notifications and updates for all bookings, Lab-to-Home workflow and collection requests, and payment updates right on the app.

We put requests into three major categories New requests, Unassigned & On-Going. The completed requests are available in archives and MIS reports.


New Requests

With every new booking request, the administrator is notified with the details of the booking on the App, SMS, and Email. Once the provider accepts the request, the patient is notified about the order confirmation, and the request moves to the Unassigned category.


Once we approved the request, the administrator can then assign the request to a collection phlebotomist. Also one can self-assign it from their app if that is near his service area. While assigning requests, we show details about the location, contact details, and availability of the collection person for the admin to make an informed decision.

The phlebotomist is notified on the app instantly after assigning

Ongoing Bookings

Any ongoing booking which is already assigned will come in this section. This section is designed to be for monitoring purposes of ongoing requests for the admin.

After completing or closing the request either by the phlebotomist collecting the sample or the patient visiting the laboratory, the sample is then available for accession in the sample management section.

Phlebotomist | The Provider Experience

Our app for providers now supports Phlebotomists / collecting personal login. With a separate login, it helps the phlebotomist get the most out of the system while being on the field.


Assigned requests

Once the request is assigned, the Phlebotomist has the option to get in touch with the customer or start the trip. He also has the option to view the details of the booking, and sample details based on his lab configuration on the CrelioHealth LIMS.

Managing the collection

Once the Phlebotomist has confirmed the details, he can start his trip. Once the trip starts, the patient is notified that the phlebotomist (with name and contact details) will be coming to collect the sample.

When the phlebotomist is on site, he can proceed to collect the samples mentioned on the app screen. And after posting, the lab will be notified about the confirmation.

Once the Phlebotomist confirms the collection, he then ends the trip there by making himself available for other requests and his next trip.

We thank you all for helping us build this and like our other application. We will continually work to improve the experience from feedback and learning how our customers use the product.

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