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Pathologists can now Speed-up Report Submission

Report assessment is an essential segment of lab services. Hence, to ease navigation for doctors, LiveHealth has designed an update to help them offer faster assistance with Next Generation Doctor Login.

Initially assigned reports were just a part of your mobile notification. Now they are a part of your dashboard.

Doctors’ Login comes Free with all our Plans

convert-reports-into-pdfConvert your reports into PDF with just a toggle

Introducing Next-Gen Doctor Login to –

  • Validate and approve reports faster
  • Take action quickly with improved visibility
  • Manage daily workload easily
  • Speed-up report submission to organizations & patients

Why should you use it?

The newly added features in doctor login allow you to –

  • Get Quick Status
  • Take Action Faster
  • Switch Accounts Easily

How is it going to ease your daily work?

  • See the real-time status of reports that are pending, approved as well as partially approved along with their respective counts on the left bar of your screen. The count of incomplete and partially complete reports can also be seen below them.
  • Take quick action on critical and emergency reports that appear under the same section. You can also check the status of reports assigned to you by technicians in the same panel.
livehealth-product-updateNext Generation Doctor Login
  • Switching between one or more accounts is now much easier. Just click on the account name and choose from the upper section of the left board.
  • Use smart search to search patient info using either patient ID, patient name, accession number or bill id.
doctor-login-updateImproved Visibility on Doctor Login Dashboard
  • With a single toggle switch reports to PDF formats and view them in read-only mode.

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